Introduction + Bookish Facts About Me

Hi everyone!

My name is Amanda and thanks for finding my corner of the Internet. I wanted to join the book community and share my thoughts on books, as well as metal music from time to time. You’ll see pretty normal stuff on here, from tags, discussions, wrap ups, individual reviews, adaptation reviews, author spotlights, audiobook reviews and metal album reviews.

I will upload posts twice a week to start. I will start posting on Monday, Wednesdays and  Fridays to start. I will do one book review once a week and a different post to follow that. Metal album reviews will be at least once a month. While they may be older albums, I want to share some symphonic/power/progressive metal bands with you guys if you would like to read those.

With that introduction, feel free to say hi  in the comments and even leave some fun bookish facts about yourself. Let’s talk about our bookish likes, pet peeves and such. Let’s get started!

Bookish Facts about Me:

  1. I hate deckled edges. I can’t stand trying to thumb my way through a book that has those edges.
  2. I prefer paperbacks over hardcovers, since they don’t take up as much space and I tend to like their covers more.
  3. I do the majority of my reading through audio books. They’re a great way to spend long trips, chores and other hobbies.
  4. I do research on a book before I read it, such as content/controversy etc. I can’t certain subjects and content.
  5. I judge a book by its cover. Let’s admit we all do that to some point.
  6. If a book can’t keep my attention for about 100 pages, or at least 3 hours in audio format, I won’t continue. I have no problem to DNF a book.
  7. I read fantasy, historical fiction, animal non-fiction and I’m growing my list for science fiction, general adult fiction and graphic novels.
  8. I met an author twice in one year at book signings: Sabaa Tahir
  9. I share the same birthday with author Laini Taylor. Huzzah!
  10. I have met the following authors: Brandon Sanderson, Sabaa Tahir, Laini Taylor, Terry Brooks and Stephenie Meyer. But I hope to bulk up this list in the future!

Thanks for reading! Comment below some authors you’ve met or random book facts about you. Until then, keeping reading. Bye!


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