Alright guys! The 2017 Love-A-Thon is in full swing. I had heard two of the hosts Alexa and Kristin talk about this event on their YouTube channels. Since I’m new, I knew this would be a way to get to know people and put myself out there more. This first post is a questionnaire that was sent out. While I’m a bit of a private person, I have most of the questions below. If you’re participating in this, please link your stuff down below so I can follow you and see your stuff.

Questions about me:

Intro to My Blog/Me

  1. Was I always a reader? Was there a book that convinced you to be a reader?

-Yep always been a reader. Ever since I got books to take home and read in kindergarten, I loved reading stories. I had some stories read to me as a kid as well. There wasn’t a specific book though; once I started reading, it was a very natural progression for me.

2. How did you get involved in the online book community?

– Through the booktube rabbit hole. I randomly found a book review of Sabriel and was surprised to see people review books on YouTube. So from there, I found a lot of people who read different things and many great opinions. From there, I actually learned what was popular in YA books and discover new authors.

3. How did you choose your platform? How did you come up with your name?

– I chose blogging because, to be honest, it’s a way for me to get my book opinions out there and make friends without being as in the spotlight like YouTube. I’m a private person and don’t like putting a ton of personal stuff on the internet. So I decided I can be a reviewer and apart of the book community, while being at my comfort level at the same time.

4. What’s your favorite thing about the online book community?

– I like seeing  how people view books differently from me. I enjoying seeing their perspective and how they put it in words. I also like being able to talk to people about books. I don’t a ton of people that will listen to me ramble for a long while about books. So this is my outlet 🙂

5. What sort of posts can readers expect from you?

– Here’s a few things: honest reviews, odd humor at times and a genuine love for books. While there are some I will not like, and I will not compromise my beliefs to read what’s popular, I will always being understanding and open minded.


Color: Image result for teal color


Food: Image result for godiva chocolate

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Pastimes outside of reading: exercise, playing with my pets, blogging, video games and being lost in book stores

Movies: Amadeus, X-Men movies, Doctor Strange, Moana, Star Trek: Into Darkness, Beauty and the Beast (animated) to name a few

TV shows: Sherlock, Downton Abbey, Face Off, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Musical Artists: Josh Groban, Sarah MacLachlan, Nightwish, Within Temptation, Josh Wright, Paul Cardall, Kamelot

Book Talk

Favorite Genres: Fantasy, Non-fiction, Science Fiction

Want to read in 2017: (see my anticipated releases post) and some re-reads: Pendragon series, Midnighters trilogy, Phantom by Susan Kay, Warbreaker and Elantris by Brandon Sanderson

Favorite books in the last 5  years:



Authors I love: Garth Nix, Brandon Sanderson, Rae Carson, William Ritter, Sabaa Tahir, Libba Bray

That wraps up the Love-a-Thon questionnaire. Links to both Kristin and Alexa’s blogs for more of the events will be linked below. Let’s find friends and talk of hobbies and favorite things. Thanks guys!