Title: Ghost Story

Series: The Dresden Files #13

Published: July 26, 2011 (Book)

Format: Audible

Narrator: James Marsters, James Glover (original)

Warning: DO NOT look at the synopsis of this book on Goodreads. Go to the first book and start there if you want to read/listen to this series. The synopsis of this book will give major spoilers.

Some of you may have seen that I love the audio books for this book series. James Marsters is by far my favorite narrator, since his voice is so rich and flexible for this vast series. This book focused on Harry being in a very complicated situation as he tries to figure out what happened and helping his friends. I know that’s a bit vague, but with me being so far into this series, no spoilers here 🙂


  • Sir Stewart and Butters. Butters is a medical examiner introduced early in the series that has become more fleshed out as time goes on. (He even rides a zombie dinosaur at one point!) He loves polka, kinda socially awkward but great character development. Sir Stewart is a character introduced in this book and I liked his warm, honest personality. Butcher is a master at characters that you can either get really attached to or just relate to very easily.
  • Emotional moments: Harry is put in a very different situation compared to the rest of the series. He has to approach things differently to help his friends, making him think about stuff in a much more emotional and complex light. The things he learns and the potential that comes out at certain points makes him determined to not give into temptation, etc.
  • Narration: I mentioned in a recent Top 5 Wednesday that I am very biased to James Marster’s performances for these stories. He adds layers of accents, laughter, higher or lower pitches and practically any emotion you can think of. When someone’s hysterical, crying or feeling sullen, James Marsters give you what you want.


  • The biggest con I had what that I felt this book was a bit too long. It could’ve been trimmed down about 75 pages. There were times where the writing style was too wordy or couldn’t keep my attention. A couple books have been like that, but it’s mostly a nit picky thing.
  • Another small con was that I was getting a little frustrated with Harry. He’s been through hell and back for so many of the books. Yet, he still doesn’t always think things through and use his brain. I would think that he would be a little more logical. But after some time thinking about it, I think this con is just a personal thing and not a huge deal.
  • The final thing is that I think there was too much profanity in the book. I can tolerate some, but at times it felt excessive and annoying.

Rating: .75

Overall: This is a really solid urban fantasy series. It’s snarky, great creatures/magic, fun characters, dark/twisty/emotionally torturous moments and phenomenal side characters. If you either: wanting to read adult fantasy, get into audio books or expand your reading tastes, go pick up Storm Front and see for yourself 🙂 Comment below if you’ve read this series, how you are or a favorite book in the series. Thanks guys!