Love-a-Thon Mini Challenge #3: Fancy Yourself a Poet?

This challenge was the one I was most intrigued about. At first, I was like: That might be hard because most titles don’t help to build sentences blah blah blah. But looking through my bookshelves, surprisingly, I found some that worked. There’s two pictures linked down below (credit goes to that tiny “overachiever” side of me). But I do know for sure is that this should be more of a thing in the bookish community.

First spine poetry poem
First spine poetry poem
Second poem
Second poem

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  1. krazaykris says:

    LoL I had the complete opposite thought. I was like, “I’ve got so many books, this will be a piece of cake!” Then I spent half an hour staring at all my books and couldn’t come up with anything. I really like the first one about the knight.

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