Every once in a while, it’s hard to decide what to read or nothing is holding your interest. A lot of the time, you don’t know what will help. But here’s five that I can suggest to try out. They’re either under 450 pages, novella or standalones. They’re also not in particular order. Let’s get into it 🙂

1. The forbidden wish by jessica khoury


This beautiful and adventurous retelling of Aladdin shows the journey of Aladdin and Zhara, the female genie. With a lush writing style, desert setting and a great female character, this book will dazzle anyone getting into fantasy or likes more creative retellings. The writing is very easy to understand and the elements of the original story will delight fans of the Disney movie.



2. jackaby by william ritter

category: short book under 450 pgs

Jackaby sees the supernatural but no one else in 1892 New Fiddleham. Everyone thinks he’s crazy and don’t understand his quirks. Enter English girl Abigail who flees to America and becomes his assistant as they solve unique, sometimes macabre mysteries. William Ritter uses folklore that’s not popular and weaves great, focused stories in this great series. There’s no focus on romance, but instead great platonic relationships. The books that are out are all under 400 pages and prove to be fun, past paced, quirky and may sneak up on your feelings as well.



3. shadows for silence in the forests of hell by brandon sanderson

category: short story/novella

Taking a different turn in both tone and setting, Brandon Sanderson creates a creepy and haunting short story. While it’s in his large Cosmere, you can read the 50 page short story right away. He even used some his own genealogy to create the main character Silence.  She’s a woman who owns an inn at the edge of the forest filled with destructive shades. It’s short, a bit freaky and a world I need more of from Sanderson 🙂


4. a street cat named bob by james bowen

category: short book under 450 pgs

The only non-fiction book on this list needs to be on every cat/animal lover’s shelf. James Bowen writes his account of how he meets Bob, an injured and sick orange tabby one night in London. While he’s trying to get rid of his drug addiction and gain his life back, Bob makes an unexpected and beautiful spot in his life. There’s even a movie coming out soon based on this story. Bob is one top cat 🙂


5. green angel by alice hoffman

category: short book under 450 pgs

Alice Hoffman may be known for her books Practical Magic and The Dovekeepers, she published this short but emotional story about Green, whose loves plants and her garden more than people. But some major events happen to shake the world she’s ever known and it’s a great journey of how she changes and grows as a person. At just 128 pages, I’ve read this book 6 times and it never disappoints 🙂


There’s another list! Comment below of some of your favorite books to get you out of a slump. I would like to know of books I can pick up in case I suffer this annoying phase. Have a great day guys 🙂