This is something I want to work on. Let’s all spread kindness and serve others 🙂

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The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation Title
After doing this random acts of kindness awareness saga, I can definitly recommend you to do it as well. It is a really positive and helpful thing to do which also makes you feel a little better and makes you believe that you are beginning to make a change.

Although I’m not going to bore you with my kindness acts every day from now on, I am still going to make an effort to continue to do it.

Some things to do that I recommend are:

    Putting someone’s newspaper closer to their door
    Sticking some nice notes around the house for others to read
    Leave a comment on someone’s blog (read a lovely post about that here)
    Holding the door open for somebody
    Donate old clothes to charity
    Compliment a Stranger

I also recommend checking out the Reach Out website for more ideas.

Kindness is something that…

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