Books aren’t always what we think before, during or after we read them. Expectations change and our own perceptions are shaped by a book. By the end, you’re putting it on a pedestal like we do for chocolate for favorite movie. Other times, it’s forgotten after a few months and those other times were it’s tossed out into the cold.

Here’s five books that I felt betrayed by in the ways that I’ll explain. The only one that’s ranked is number one, since it was the biggest surprise for me. Here they are, counting backwards!

5. the wiseman’s fear by patrick rothfuss

(A.K.A The one that doesn’t shock hardly anyone anymore)


This 2011 release gave fans the second part of the beloved series following Kvothe and his adventures. When I listened to this for the first time, I was pumped beyond belief.  But the story ended up way below the first one. I’ll be totally honest on this one: you get NO questions answered!

Yep. Just him wandering around, still being a Gary Sue (let’s be real here) and the only interesting tidbits barely get any time in the book (that tree man…). I feel like Rothfuss wrote himself into a corner. It makes no sense to me that you do not answer anything in the second book…of a trilogy. I’ll definitely read the third one when it does come out (in some far future supposedly) but with how the second book was handled, I’m not holding my breath.

4. a madness so discreet by mindy mcginnis

(A.K.A. Didn’t match the hype)


This 1800’s novel about a girl who was put into an asylum for heinous family secret had one brutal, promising beginning. The first ten percent had me cringing and horrified at the acts committed to mental patients in the past. This girl was literally wrapped in steaming hot sheets, being pregnant and forced to lay there while her skin burned! After that it’s solving mysteries, no development for the main character and a cop out ending.

But then, past that point, it became boring and quieter than the novel promised. People on Booktube and Goodreads love this author, but my first impression of this author didn’t match what people say. I can appreciate the research the author undertook. The male character also surprised me and I was vastly interested to see where his character ended up. But this was like an under baked cake for me: lumpy, soggy and a letdown.

3. the blood by d.j. machale

(A.K.A. The change that came too late)



The conclusion to the Morpheus Road trilogy at first looked like a decent ending to a paranormal series featuring two boys who get caught up in demons, the underworld and ancient history. I’ve loved D.J. MacHale as an author since 2003, but this ending came out of left field. It’s that type of final book in a series where it’s almost done…and then the plot suddenly changes and the characters have to figure the new thing out by the end. The change should’ve come much earlier to provide more development, tension and closure. It does answer your questions just fine, but I recommend his Pendragon series first if you want to try his works.

2. dreams of gods and monsters by laini taylor

(A.K.A. The disappointing series conclusion)


I listened to this paranormal fantasy series almost back to back. Laini Taylor created a beautiful world, portrayed war in a realistic way, great characters and fun magic. But then the third book did a few things that made me sad as a reader. The new character introduced had no purpose in the story. Akiva all of a sudden became special, a ridiculous romance involving side characters…and I’ll stop there. (No spoilers here) I felt like this last book didn’t match the extreme stakes that the story was giving. Things wrapped up too nicely. It even felt open ended, which also didn’t help. I do want to revisit the series again soon to see how time might change my opinion. I also NEED Strange the Dreamer like I need chocolate with coconut.

I do recommend the series if you’ve been thinking about it, especially the audio book. It feels like an epic story being told around a fire. Her writing style also seamlessly translates to audio very well by the great Khristine Hvam. For right now, Days of Blood and Starlight was my favorite.

1. howl’s moving castle by dianna wynne jones

(A.K.A. The movie is WAY better)


*Enter the unpopular opinion zone*

I saw the Studio Ghibli movie first before picking up the book. I wanted to love the book, since the movie is magical, funny and a refreshing fantasy movie. But I hated this book. The plot was meandering way too much to keep my attention. The villain shows up three times for at least three pages before disappearing again and Howl is a complete idiot. The writing was way too weird and felt outdated when I listened to it. I didn’t feel the magic and whimsy that the movie shows. I’m glad that I did read it to see the differences, but this was the biggest disappointment I’ve had in years.

There you have it. If you love these books, that’s great. I wish I liked them more. I am a critical reader and don’t love everything I read, but I always look for elements I enjoyed and try to see how people do love it. Comment and tell me some books you feel betrayed by. Have a great day guys 🙂

  • All pictures were pulled from Goodreads