Title: The Diviners (The Diviners #1)

Release Date: September 18, 2012

Narrator: January LaVoy

Genre: Urban Fantasy (YA)

Audio Book Length: 18 hours, 14 minutes

Something evil has awakened in New York City…

Original read (physical book): December 2015

Re-read (audio book): March 2017

Plot: Evie O’Neill is forced to flee her town of Zenith, Ohio after a shocking incident. She stays with her bachelor uncle, while also loving the dancing, speak easies and being free of her parents. Memphis Campbell is an African American teenager who lives with his younger brother in his aunt’s back room. He wishes to forget his ability. Jericho assists Evie’s uncle with running an occult museum. Henry plays the piano in clubs, wondering what happened to the love of his life. Theta is a Zigfeld girl, living with Henry and doesn’t reveal her real name or her past. These teenagers, and many more supporting players, become entangled together as an occult serial killer strikes in New York City.

Narrator: January LaVoy is easily a fantastic narrator to watch for! She brings chills, peppiness, 1920’s lingo and a great array of accents to this book. I know that some female narrators can struggle with giving a good voice to male characters. But she’s able to lower her voice to make you really think you’re hearing a guy speak. She also flawlessly speaks with New York, Russian and many other accents. She reminds me of James Marsters, with being a great chameleon to all the voices. If you can do audio books, I seriously recommend the audio book over the physical book. LaVoy adds continual layers to this already epic, sweeping series opener. Every minute is a treat to listen to.

If she has any small flaws during the narration, there’s a couple spots where she breaks her accent or her voice goes a little flat during some parts of dialogue. But it’s understandable when you have a large book you’re narrating and some days are better than others. But still, I recommend the audio book over the physical book due to the great and fun atmosphere LaVoy creates.

Recommended Age: I recommend this book for older readers, at least 17 and up. There’s perspectives in the book that follow the killer. There’s many moments of violence, a scene of an animal being killed and very creepy sections that I wouldn’t recommend reading at night. There’s also some more mature themes that would suit more mature and older readers. It’s not explicit about everything, but if you have a weak stomach for violence, killings and can’t read creepy books, then I don’t think this book will be for you.

Final Thoughts: I forgot how much I loved how many issues and types of personalities that Libba Bray tackled in this first book alone. We follow people who have different perspectives on religion, history, the occult, Prohibition, education, etc. This novel shows us the rich and varied world we live in. None of the many perspectives sound the same and that’s HUGE for YA novels.

This is also a diverse book if you’re looking for another recommendation. Memphis, his brother and friends are African American. One character is an LGBT character, while others aren’t really stated of where they stated. A Chinese girl makes a couple appearances, but will be a key player in book two to my knowledge. There’s also an interracial relationship, which was illegal at the time.

While my rating stays the same, my enjoyment was vastly improved. I was snickering and laughing much more. The characters are fast talking, funny, sincere and so different from each other. I think my favorite characters were Memphis, Mabel and Evie. I know people can be annoyed by Evie’s personality, but that’s how lots of girls in the 1920’s acted back then. Girls loved to dance, flirt with boys and didn’t care about important social issues and making something of themselves. She does have some great moments where she’s punished for her actions and she doesn’t get away with things as easily.

Rating: 1/2

Comment below and let me know if you’ve read this series, who your favorite character is and if you’re excited for book three. Thanks for stopping by and hopefully you’ll check out this awesome audio book 🙂 Have a great day guys!