Current band line up

Formed by Thomas Youngblood and Richard Warner in 1991, this power metal band started digging deep, influential roots to a contending metal band. They released two albums: Eternity (1995) and Dominion (1997) with Thomas Vanderbilt on vocals. But after those albums, they found band member Richard Warner had died and the line up changed after this sudden loss. Casey Grillo came in to do drums and the legendary Roy Khan on vocals. This would cement their should as a power metal band. They followed up this new band line with the 1998 album Siege Perilous. It follows the mythology of King Arthur and the Round Table.

That 1998 album allowed the band to start touring across Europe (Khan is from Norway) and gained more of a following. It was then that they released the 2000 album The Fourth Legacy that has song that still remain popular to this day. With its Arabian influences, it’s a different tone than their current albums but ages very well.

The following years produced more tours, more exposure and many amazing albums to come. Their following album Karma (2001) remains my favorite album of theirs. The song “Forever” is not only their signature song (video is below) but it’s based on “Solveig’s Song” written by Norweigan composer Edvard Greig. Thomas Youngblood wrote “Don’t You Cry” in honor of his father and the trilogy of songs about Elizabeth Bathory are creepy yet haunting. It’s a mixed bag that showed that Kamelot always evolves and changes their songwriting and concepts. Their next albums followed the legend of Faust. The 2003 album Epica is part one and the 2005 album The Black Halo 

They continued their streak of albums after that: Ghost Opera (2007) and Poetry for the Poisoned (2010). But then, the news came out that vocalist Roy Khan was leaving the band. It was devastating to hear the front man leave, but Youngblood said that Khan had been given a lot of time to think about it and make his decision. But the band kept on rolling, despite this huge blow.

They found Swedish singer Tommy Karevik to help them on their tours and next albums. I saw them in 2012 when they toured with Nightwish and Karevik brings the same type of charm and charisma that Khan did. Their most recent albums are Silverthorn (2012) and Haven (2015).

That’s the tip of the iceberg for this band, but after being a fan for 11 years, their music always gets me going and I always want to see what they come up with. Their not as huge as Nightwish, but they do put the power in power metal. Here’s a few videos of a few different songs. If you listen to these guys, please let me know!