So this month hasn’t been great for reading for me. Life has thrown some bad curve balls, new puppy in the house and other things have made reading hard for me. I was hoping that reading would help me escape and cope with a few things. But…not the case.

But while I’ve been in a reading slump, I noticed something: I spend way too much time on Goodreads and Booktube, watching good and bad reviews on books that I want to read. I go way off the deep end, and after a while, I have opinions formed of those books due to the reviews I watch/read, even if I haven’t finished it. That has lead to me DNF’ing books, putting them off up to not reading much in general. While I did love “The Diviners” audio book, that was the only thing that kept my reading going.

But I’m curious if anyone else feels this way. Do you spend a ton of time on the social media platforms, reading reviews/rants on books? Do those reviews change your opinions of the book? Why does hype kill books for people a lot? Is it better to just read or listen to something on a whim, or just wait long enough for the hype to die down?

I’ve noticed that some books I’ve loved are ones I picked up randomly, like: An Ember in the Ashes, The Forbidden Wish, Jackaby, Sabriel, Roseblood, Walk on Earth  a Stranger. I picked them up when I had nothing else to read, or just a random impulse. I’ve been trying to do that with my other books, but sometimes that nagging thought to spend time reading reviews gets me.

If you’re the same way as me with what I’ve been saying, should we swan dive off the hype train? What would happen if we stayed off of Booktube and Goodreads for some length of time (two weeks, a month, etc.)? What would happen to our reading then? I really want to hear what people think. I’m hoping that this slump will die soon, as does anyone when they go through this phase. I’m sure what I can do to make reading fun and escape worthy again. But I’m hoping this will help somebody and even me. Comment below and tell your thoughts, if you follow it, if tends to disappoint, etc. Have a great weekend guys!