Alex + Ada: Graphic Novel Series

Artwork by Jonahtan Luna

Dialogue by Sara Vaughn

Release Dates: 2014 & 2015 (for bind up editions pictured)

  • Volume 1 rating: 4.5 stars

  • Volume 2 rating: 3.75 stars

  • Volume 3 rating: 3.5 stars

  • Overall rating: 


Plot: Alex Wahl is a young man who works his job, comes home, sleeps and repeats. He’s not dating and is hesitant about the new A.I. models people are having in their homes. Even his grandma has one named Daniel and Alex cringes about his grandma’s “needs.” But when his grandma sends him a new X5 model, he names her Ada. This three volume graphic novel series follows the politics and prejudice about sentient robots, as well as Alex’s feelings for a non-human.


  • Art style: Jonathan Luna does a fantastic job of using colors. The flesh tones are accurate and no harsh tones of color are used. Everything looks stream lined and there’s extra attention paid to clothing and facial details like wrinkles and hair. Everything is calming to look at and nothing is too busy.
  • Ada: I loved Ada as a character. She’s an innocent robot who becomes “awakened” and loves doing “firsts” like paying for something, cooking food and trying on clothes. Her innocence and calm demeanor compliments Alex very well. She’s understanding, loving and has great moments of reflection.
  • Concept: For me, it’s kinda cool and creepy seeing that this could eventually possible. Seeing these robot models that become people’s housekeepers, lovers and friends is fascinating. There’s a good balance of seeing robots understand themselves, as well as some that stay innocent. Each robot felt different to others and their voices were unique and stayed consistent.
  • Length: With only being three volumes, this series is a good one to either marathon, get into graphic novels or when you’re “patiently” waiting for a new release to come out.


  • Alex: This is a small con for me, but I feel like Alex got pushed under the rug for volumes two and three. He stayed too laid back when he should’ve been standing up for Ada, speaking his mind and getting things done. He doesn’t change a lot as a character, even with the events of volume three.
  • Ending: While the ending was good and I liked that it ended on a good note, it felt a little convenient. Some things resolved a bit too quickly. The small time lapses to show these changes felt a bit abrupt and didn’t make the ending feel as satisfying. But it’s another small con.

Final Note:

  • If you are someone who is aware of content in what you read, this is one sex scene at the end of volume two to be aware of. Although no explicit things are shown, it’s enough nudity that could turn people off. It’s for about two to three pages. There’s a bit of profanity, but not excessive at all.

Overall: 4 star series! This short science fiction love story is sweet, sometimes surprising and beautifully drawn. If you’re looking for a few graphic novel series that’s completed, a quick and nice love story or just wanting to try science fiction, give this a shot! Comment below and let me know if you’re planning on picking this series up or if you’ve read it already. Also, tell me your favorite volume in the series. Mine was the first volume.

Have a great day guys!

  • All pictures pulled from Goodreads