GUYS!!! It’s finally here!

With the Star Wars celebration happening this weekend, we finally get a look of episode 8 due December 15th. I’ve watched the trailer 4 times now and I’m always amazed at the footage. I agree with many people that have said that the trailer feels like it’s own thing, with episode 7 establishing the Star Wars universe again. But it also feels much more epic than the last movie. The clips of Rei being trained by Luke, the First Order in full revenge swing and a space battle with the Millennium Falcon offer some really cool and sweeping images of what’s to come.

With watching this a few times, I’m having some thoughts of what could happen in the movie. I’m not getting into novel length theories like others have; I haven’t gotten deep enough in the books, video games and comics that have gone further into the extended universe. But nevertheless, here’s a few things on my mind.

1. what “the last jedi” could mean

Luke has been through so much in his life, from his father’s dark path, the fall of Kylo and other things we don’t know about. While I’m very sure we’ll get more of those details, I think that Luke is going to train Rei in the force and not necessarily as a Jedi. I’m assuming that with how things went bad with Kylo, Luke might be thinking of training Rei in a different way and changing how force users are trained. Maybe there will be a different name that these force users are given if the Jedi term is discarded? It seems that things are going to forever change with the Jedi order. Luke’s experiences may have caused him to approach a concept he’s known for so long as something that might need to end.

2. deeper into the force?

As you watch the trailer, you notice that Rei is being asked by Luke what she’s experiencing as she taps into the force. But what’s interesting is that we see what looks like an ancient text briefly. We haven’t seen any deep lore of the Force in the films, especially Jedi or Sith temples. That’s more apparent in games like Old Republic, and I think that fans have been waiting to see if the films explore the deeper theology of the Force. I’m hoping that this happens in this film because it can bring a whole new dimension to the franchise. Breaking up a trend and offering more about the Force can be good access to people who don’t read in the extended universe. It could even offer more character development.

3. carrie fisher

With the unexpected and tragic passing of Carrie Fisher earlier this year, I’m curious to see how her role is in this next movie. Sources have said that her stuff was finished before she passed, which is great. The producers are being tight lipped of what could happen with episode 9, but I’m hoping that this next movie will give a well rounded ending to her character. There was a similar situation with Anton Yelchin passing away before Star Trek Beyond was released. You couldn’t tell of any possible holes with his character. Regardless of what happens, it’ll be with fondness to see how Carrie’s appearance will affect the movie.

If you have theories or thoughts on this trailer, let’s discuss! How many times have you watched the trailer? What other details have you picked up? December cannot get here fast enough! Have a great weekend guys 🙂