448873Title: The Thief (Queen’s Thief #1)

Release Date: 1996

Narrator: Jeff Woodman (original)

Audio book Time: 7 hours, 30 minutes




Synosis: Gen is in the King’s prison, but claims that he can steal anything. When the Magus, the king’s scholar, tempts Gen into stealing something in order to get out o prison, a long journey ensues with mythology and finding the item that Gen is to steal.


  • Mythology/World: Megan WhalenTurner’s world is very Greek inspired with how the mythology is told and presented. You don’t get that often when a world/mythology feels like it belongs to the author; there’s too much stuff these days that reads like other series and such. But if you are needing a story that feels very original, this does have that.
  • First chapter: The beginning was fantastic. It shows Gen in prison and since you’re in his head the whole time, he describes the city and the area he’s in very well. It feels like a land long past and his meeting with the Magus is very intriguing and sets up the adventure to follow.


  • Narration: Right out the gate, this guy is boring. For the first time in my life, I fell asleep during an audio book. This book felt like it was 30 hours long. Jeff Woodman barely tries to show any emotion and doesn’t give any voices to the different characters. Most of the side characters sounded the exact same and any sense of mystery, urgency and revelation fell flat every time. **This series is being redone by Steve West and all the books will be re-released with his narration when the book comes out May 16th. I love Steve West and I would recommend doing his version when they come out.
  • Gen: **Gary Stue alert** Insert a book pet peeve that made this book more disappointing. Gen can steal stuff and he’s very snarky, but he has no challenges at all. He gets everything he wants in this story and offers no character development. I can’t stand when you have a main character who is never challenged, never overcomes adversity and changes. This gave me similar feelings to Daughter of the Pirate King which I read earlier this year.
  • Plot: Barely anything happened after the two or three chapters. It’s a painfully slow journey story with very  little action, very predictable twists and often flat characters. I never cared for them and the ending felt confusing of what actually happens between a conversation between Gen and one other character.


Overall: I was very disappointed by this book. Some of my co-workers are obsessed with this series and it was a Newberry Honor book in 1996. I think this will appeal to a certain type of reader and it was a case of “it’s me, not you” type thing. I will try the next book with the new narration, but I would avoid this old narration and either wait for the new one or read the physical copy. Despite giving it 2 stars, still give it a try since I can see a couple reasons why people have loved it. Comment if you’ve read this series, what book is your favorite and any other thoughts you have. Have a great day guys!