I completed my first read-a-thon and it feels good that I participated in one. I’ve been seeing this float around Booktube for almost a year and it always sounded fun. But I was never sure if I could actually do it. I did post a TBR earlier this month talking about what I planned on reading. While I didn’t finish anything, I did make progress on a couple audio books!

initial thoughts after finishing:

“Man I wish 2 weeks went by slower…”

“This vacation wasn’t timed the best with this read-a-thon…”

“I wish I could read faster…so many things to read.”

I did have a couple things I had to finish previously before continuing with the read-a-thon, since I didn’t want to neglect stuff I was already reading/listening to.

1) I started the read-a-thon with:


status: got 30% through, then stopped

I know, crazy right? I was really excited for this new release, especially since the amazing Steve West at the audio helm. But honestly, I wasn’t feeling it a lot when I got to the 30% mark. I felt like the plot was slowing way down and wasn’t connecting to a few of the characters. But never fear. I’ll hop back on soon after I finish a couple more things.

2) Next I started…


current status: 25%

So luckily, I got a quarter of the way through the sequel to The Diviners. I figured that getting at least 25% through two audio books is good for a first read-a-thon. I’ve been a slower reader in recent years, and the vacation I went on was busier than I originally thought. But I know that come the next round, I’ll be ready to go again. I didn’t feel a ton of pressure anyway for the read-a-thon. If you guys participated, let me know what you started or finished. Have a great day guys!