Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great Easter if you do celebrate it 🙂 I also can’t believe another month is almost over. Do you have that feeling when you’re panicking to finish your books by the month’s end? The one where you’re counting how many pages you are until the halfway point, how many hours left on the audio book? Yeah that’s me right now. But I wanted to share all the books that I’ve gotten via: Audible, local library and a couple book purchases. All the pictures are from Goodreads since I’m moving stuff around in my house and can’t get to all of them.


30255943Narrated by: Khristine Hvam, hope to listen to in May

18952341Narrated by: Michael Kramer, a “silk punk” fantasy

29939047Narrated by: Priya Ayyar, really hoping I like it

20727654Narrated by: Amy McFadden, popular at my library

30763905Go read my review below! A debut not to miss

A Psalm for Lost Girls Review

24485589Because I can 🙂 due for a re-listen already

library books:


This is a YA contemporary about a boy and girl who were in a relationship, but then she betrays him, it shatters their relationship. But another heartbreaking event forces them to reconcile what they may still have. I read an early sample on NetGalley and was captivated. Hopefully I feel the same about the entire story.


This is a Scarlet Pimpernel retelling and takes place in a future Paris where there is no technology. Sophia is the Red Rook, rescuing people from execution. The Scarlet Pimpernel is a classic story and I love the musical, so fingers crossed that it’s a fun retelling.


I recently read Jen’s review of this book and it hooked me. I had barely heard about this book on Booktube. I had started it while on vacation, but it seemed to be a book that requires more of my attention. But it will be read soon. Check out Jen’s review and see what you think 🙂

The Accident Season by Jenacidebybibliophile


If you’ve heard of Marines from mynameismarines on Booktube, then you know that she’s an awesome person. She posted a wrap up video talking about this magical realism book and her glowing review persuaded me to pick it up. It’s a Romeo and Juliet style of story between two traveling circus families. I read the first chapter and was enchanted by the premise. I plan to read this next month.


This was another early sample I read on NetGalley earlier this year and liked the ominous tone it had about this story of witches. Then, I saw Sam from Sam’s Nonsense give a great review on it. But I forgot about it for several months until I saw it on the shelf. I haven’t heard anyone talk about it. But it’s a debut novel, which I feel like I’ve been reading a lot of lately, and I like reading unknown books 🙂


This book is blurbed as “Criminal Minds for young adults” and a few Booktubers have enjoyed the series. I don’t watch crime shows much anymore, but it sounds like a popcorn type book to try out.

book purchases:


I saw this at a used book store, where I had some store credit to spend. This Printz award winning book sounds hard to explain, let alone imagine. It’s about a girl who was kidnapped, but this boy knows that she was kidnapped when people are ignoring it and the place they live in is called Bone Gap. It sounds off the wall, but we all have phases where we get sucked into different movies/albums/books without much explanation. Fingers crossed that it’s good.


This is the sequel/finale to Passenger, which I’m actually currently reading. It’s a very ambitious time travel story and has made the rounds a lot on Booktube within the last year. I’ve been liking what I’ve read of Passenger and figured I would use the rest of my book store credit to buy it.

…And long post is done. If you guys have read any of these books, heard about them, or want to read them, let me know below. You never know when a random read might steal your heart and be begging for constant re-reads. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and have a good rest of your day!