23350025Title: The Accident Season

Genre: YA Magical Realism

Format: Library E-book

Release Date: August 18th, 2015





Synopsis: Every October, Cara’s family endures “The Accident Season,” a time where they’re inescapably accident prone. With broken  bones, cuts, bruises and even death, it’s a terrifying time. But this time around, Cara is seeing a girl from school in all of her pictures. She’s determined to find out why Elsie has disappeared and the sense of dread ahead.


  • Concept: The main idea of the accident season and its presence in the past very haunting at times and very refreshing. This is something that’s not in any other book and that originality made me want to read the whole thing to see what happened. The tension with a few of the accidents made me flinch a bit.
  • Writing style: Fowley-Doyle had me in awe of how she wrote much of this book. The way she described nature and many moments of the forest and past memories were fantastic. She has my respect for great writing and it made me want to read her next book. If you are looking for a book that feels and reads very differently, her writing is great.
  • Topics: The tougher topics that were brought up are very relevant and important. The book handled them decently well and I liked that it felt like much more than a typical YA book. The concept of secrets being revealed, along with these topics, was a good way to tackle them.


  • Main romance: I have to give a warning on this book. The main romance is wrong on every level in this book. The characters know that this relationship is wrong, but I felt that the author forced them to just accept it and not talk about it or question it. If you want to know what this is, I’ll spoil it for you. But if you want to stay away from twisted and messed romances, don’t read this.
  • Plot reveals: There’s an element that’s like a side story along the main plot that made the big reveals flat. If you give your whole attention to the story, I’ll bet you could predict most the ending like me. If this element was removed, then it would’ve had more impact on me. Having little reaction to the main plot was another disappointment.
  • Characters: While they have some good qualities, the fact that these family members and friend didn’t communicate did frustrate me. With things getting more tense as the things start to unravel, I never felt like they actually worked together and processed what was happening. Sam was the only character that I did start to care about; his thinking, circumstances and the big reveals made him distant, scared confused. But no one else had that much growth.


Overall, I can respect this author and will read her new book. But I do not recommend this book for the awfully unsettling and truly wrong romance and flat ending. I would recommend reading a sample and see if this is for you. But for me, this didn’t work as well and I was bummed that this didn’t work. But I’m crossing my fingers and hope that her second book is an improvement. If you’ve read this book, let’s chat in the comments. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day 🙂