Holy crap, another month is saying goodbye. This month began summer here where I live and was full of book samples, the grateful help of my Kindle and finishing a few books. I’m still not where I want to be at as far as quantity of reading, but any step is still a step! Here’s everything I’ve read, reviewed and DNF’d this month.

Total books read: 5

Audio books: 2



Rating: 3.5 stars

A solid follow up to the amazing first bookΒ The Diviners.Β While the plot and couple main characters drove me crazy and the lack of questions, I’m really hoping that book three can hit it home in October. But January LaVoy is simply astonishing and is an audio book narrating queen!

Lair of Dreams Audio Book Review

23350025Read from may 8-10th

Rating: 2 stars

I still feel a bit stunned that I finished a book in 2 days! With the help of my Kindle, I ate up this debut magical realism novel. I appreciate the author’s wonderful writing and the concept, but the very very wrong relationship and weird “closure” wasn’t quite my thing. But I’m intrigued to check out her sophomore novel out this year.

The Accident Season Mini Review

23281724Read from may 10-15

Rating: 4.5 stars

My first introduction to Sarah Dessen was a summery, romantic and highly awesome book! The message of understanding your siblings, getting out of your comfort zone and who your true friends really are made this very relate-able for me in many ways. This also got me sucked into contemporary and needing more of them lol. Highly recommend this one if you haven’t read this yet πŸ™‚

5 Reasons to Read Saint Anything

Before jumping into the next thing, I started reading more Sneak Peeks on NetGalley. I needed some short things to read to help me stay motivated to read! Here’s the pictures of the samples I did read and the links to all the samples I’ve completed.


I read all of these between May 2nd through the 18th. I’m excited for 3 of these pictured books above. I’ve listed my first NetGalley Reads talks about each sample in more detail. I know that these can’t come out fast enough for me to devour!

NetGalley Sneak Peeks #1

35138849read from 18-21

Overall Rating: 3.5 stars

This recent compilation was a bit disappointment as far as selection for me. I fee like there were a few upcoming releases that could’ve been in here for getting more press and such, but I still found a great gems to read and be excited for. Check out my NetGalley Reads reviews linked below for the full thoughts on each sample πŸ™‚

NetGalley Sneak Peeks #2

28364332listened to from may 16-26

Rating: 5 stars

This took me by surprise really. It was a random impulse to listen to it. I had seen mixed reviews, but I loved this! It made me excited to dive deep into a book, while not annoying me with typical Regency era tropes. Henrietta was very relate able for me in a few ways, great character arcs and some nasty ancient monsters. If you need a new series to start, do this debut novel. It’s fun, good pacing and potential for a very imaginative series πŸ™‚

books i dnf’d

30653844DNF AT 25%

This was an anticipated release, since I read a sample in Buzz Books earlier this year and really liked. But something didn’t feel right about this book. I predicted that something, and wondering if I was right, read head…and not only was I right, but I found it very problematic and odd. This thing that did happen felt like it was swept under the rug and the characters never actually discussed how they felt. They just kept on caring for each other despite having needed to contact authorities about it. If you want spoilers, you can ask me.

18484793dnf at 55%, audio book

Narrator: Julia Whelan

The reason for DNF’ing this wasn’t the narrators fault. She was the sole reason I got so far in this book. I just didn’t care what would’ve happened to the characters. It started out strong as two sisters having a very poor life, but things get complicated when their dad comes back into their lives. It was slow and the drama felt overdone and a bit cheesy to me. Plus, by the halfway point, there was no major revelations or changes in plot to make me care anymore.

30636555dnf at 10% ish

This felt very “dead on arrival” after reading the first 10% of this book. It was interesting at first, being about the prophecy of two girls being born at the same time and one of them being queen, it halted after that. Both female characters sounded the same, and also very stale. There were not small details to hold onto or make me care. The writing felt dry as well, devoid of any whimsy that the positive reviews talk about. Also, by reading the reviews, the fact that more than three female characters fall the same boy? Nah…

There we have it! Fingers crossed next month is prosperous and some goals checked off. I have a couple books I really want to finish by the time half the year is over. Plus, new releases and the ever growing pile of library books demand to be finished. What did you finish this month? What was your favorite/least favorite book? If you’ve read any of these, what are your thoughts? πŸ™‚

Have a great day everyone!