34414104Title: The King of Attolia (The Queen’s Thief #3)

Genre: YA fantasy

Audio Book Release Date: 2006 (original), 2017 (updated version)

Narrator: Steve West

Listening Time: 10 hours, 23 minutes

There is NO synopsis for this book because it spoils the ending of The Queen of Attolia (#2). If you want to know about the first 2 books, here are my reviews for them to get a general idea.

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  • Different perspective: Megan Whalen Turner brings a different POV for this third book. You follow a castle guard named Costis, who gives an “everyday man” look at the situation going on. I liked how he saw the world differently and how he changes as he learns the truth of what’s really going on. Turner continues to be brilliant for writing in 3rd person and giving nothing away.
  • Tension: There were a few scenes I was listening to that had me almost white knuckled. They blindsided me out of nowhere and offered such a lively atmosphere for this third book. It’s really nice to get a suddenly intense scene that makes you die to know the outcome. When the pace does go up a few notches, you’re on board for it.
  • World Building: Turner continues her expansive world through mythology stories, references to other places and having characters being from different areas. You learn the terminology of the people in Attolia who own land and the politics between the barons.
  • Narration: Steve West does another outstanding performance. I trust him with every single book I’ve listened to by him. He makes me not want to pick up the physical copy and enjoy being told a story instead. He’s a serious contender for my top narrators of all time.
  • Eugenides: Once again, this guy proves himself to be a real human. He’s haunted by nightmares, cocky, deceitful and also loving. He balances many of the human emotions so well. I loved seeing how he handles the things in this book.


  • Confusion: I’ll admit that this third book was the most confusing in this series so far. A few names were way too similar to each other so it caused me to forget who was who and what was going on. I did look up a glossary with names, so that temporarily helped. But I think the names should’ve been different enough to not be confusing. I also felt like I missed stuff a bit more than book 2. If you pick up really quick and have a great memory with names, you shouldn’t have a problem with this audio book. But if you’re unsure, keep a physical copy nearby just in case.
  • Anonymity: Since  you have Costis as the narrator for book 3, you don’t get enough time with Eugenides and the Queen of Attolia. I can see why you don’t learn much about them since Costis doesn’t learn the secrets and the truth surrounding them. The fact that you didn’t get enough time with them was a bit annoying towards the last half. The second book had done much better at seeing more characters.
  • Drama: I just didn’t connect to the dramatic stuff that happened this book. I felt like some of it could’ve taken much less time to settle. I also think some things were too subtle to pick up and some of it just didn’t impact me like the previous book.


I still love how this series is very refreshing, with mythology, characters and writing style that’s completely the author’s own voice. While I do suggest to possibly grab a physical copy to have handy for this one, it’s still a good installment. But for now, I’ll take a short break from this deeply detailed series.

.75 stars

If you’ve read this series, was this one your favorite? Did you pick some stuff? Should I start the next book? Thanks for stopping by and have a great day, guys!