Let’s be real here, nostalgia is king a lot of the time. When you’re looking through old boxes, stuff at your parents house…it all comes rushing back to you. Since I work at my local library, it’s been crazy seeing all the books I loved as a kid being checked out now. I went through my list recently and remembered an awesome few that I loved as a kid. These aren’t in any order ๐Ÿ™‚

1. The Angelina Ballerina books


This is one of the first things I remember my mom reading to me. I had done some dancing when I was little and I remember loving the beautiful drawings of Angelina. They’re cute stories about friendship, family and following your dreams. While I didn’t necessarily aspire to be a ballerina, these are essential books for little girls.

2. Daughters of the Moon series by Lynne Ewing


Sailor Moon in book format…literally. I started these books towards the end of my childhood but I remember being drawn in by the cover (when it was decent back in 2000) and loving the book. I only read the first 4 books but when I devoured them, it gave me the same feelings that Sailor Moon did: girl power and as much as cheese as you can think of. Each book for a good chunk of the series, like Sailor Moon, focused on a different girl discovering her powers and how she conquers the evil that follows her. If you have a little sister, niece or neighbor that likes girl power stuff, have her try this series ๐Ÿ™‚

3. Goosebumps/Fear Street by R.L. Stine


If you were a 90’s kid, this author was required reading. All the kids my age had read these books and loved the now awfully to watch TV show (try to watch it for 10 minutes and not bust up laughing). R.L. Stine had kids gripped by haunted masks, living dummies, plant monsters and many others. My mom read a few of them to us as kids, but then I picked up almost all of them as I got older. I especially got into the Fear Street series as I got older, since they were darker to me back then. They have risen in popularity since the movie came out and it’s fun talking to kids at the library who love them now.

4. A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle


If you haven’t read this classic Newberry Award winner, you must’ve been living under a rock. This classic story was one I had to read in elementary school and I remember feeling transported to a new world. It’s the story of three children who go after their father after he disappears. With alternate dimensions, space and a creepy villain, this novel remains a titan in kids literature since it came out in 1962. That feeling of being transported is rare for me now, but that original feeling with this book continues to be special to me today.

5. The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle


Another titan in children’s books: The Hungry Caterpillar. When I was in elementary school, the school librarian would take a class into the big sitting area and tell us a story. This was the time when I discovered many awesome little kids books, especially this one. Eric Carle’s iconic art style is colorful, big and grabs your attention. I loved watching the caterpillar and had this book read to me many times.

Honorable Mentions

Of course, there’s more than 5 books that were my favorite as a kid. Here’s a few extra ones that I loved and will continue to love to this day ๐Ÿ™‚


There we are! This was so fun to go back and see my childhood favorites again. I actually will do something like this with my favorite books from the ย past in an upcoming post. Which were your favorites? Do you remember any of these?