With everyone back in school these past couple weeks, it seemed to have a school themed topic for this month. They say to NOT pick Harry Potter for this topic and really reach outside the box. These ones I picked seemed like fun and aren’t ranked. Let’s dive in!

1. Study of Cat Behavior and Their Tribes

From The Aeronaut’s Windlass by Jim Butcher


Taught by Rowl the cat himself, this class could be fun with having a class on cat behavior, learning to understand them and then having pop quizzes on the different cat tribes and their customs. If you fail, Rowl always clever ways of humiliating you in class and there’s no study guide…good luck trying to control your desire to hold and spoil the teacher himself with fish and catnip.

2. Cooking Desserts 101

From The Girls of Fire and Thorns trilogy by Rae Carson


From pastries, cakes and honey coconut scones, this dessert making class will a dream for every sweet tooth’s dream. There’s even the recipe for the honey coconut scones in the back of the first book. I still have to attempt it. This trilogy will make you salivate and dream that this class existed.

3. Forgery with Everyday Objects

From The Emperor’s Soul by Brandon Sanderson


Man I wish this class existed! This award winning novella has the magic system of “forgery” where you can re-writes an object’s history so it can be something different. So you could forge a regular rock to re-write it’s history to make it think it’s a diamond. Taught by the evasive Shai herself, this could be the best elective class ever. Just make sure the item doesn’t rebel too soon…

4. Outdoor Survival 101

From Hunted by Meagan Spooner


Taught by Yeva herself, this class helps give you basic skills to survive out in the wild. Depending on your area, she’ll teach you what berries are okay to eat, how to find water, setting traps for animals and how to manage a fire without being seen at night. For those who aren’t big outdoor people, this class could ease any fears of the outdoors and make you more confident if you ever get lost.

5. The Importance of Teeth, Magic and Designing Thuribles

From Daughter of Smoke and Bone


Want to impress people at parties? Plan how to get resurrected if you die too soon? This class, taught by the epic Brimstone, can teach you what kinds of teeth with certain spells,  how to prevent spells from backfiring and then, for your final project, design your own thurible that will hold your soul for resurrection. Another elective class that’ll be flooded with fantasy nerds and those dying to learn magic.

I hope you guys enjoyed this topic. What classes would you take based on certain books? What do you think of these choices?