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I didn’t get into metal until 2004 when someone I went to school with told me I might like a band called Nightwish. So I found “Nemo” online and that was the beginning for me. Thirteen years later, I’ve found a few more metal bands and it’s one thing I love. While I am religious, I still enjoy the cinematic and epic atmosphere of the music. It’s not all demonic screaming and stuff like that.

1: I’ve seen Nightwish in concert 3 times

Since 2008, I’ve seen this amazing band three times. My first show was a high school graduation present and saw them in Vegas; I still have my original concert t-shirt that I wear on occasion. The next show was in 2012 when they toured with Kamelot. The concert before my town though was the concert where previous singer Anette had to go to the hospital, so the two female singers with the touring bands filled in for Annette. She did come to the concert for my town, but then the next day, she was gone from the band. *You can see this situation in the documentary “Please Learn the Set-list in 48 Hours.”* Then the most recent was 2015 in my town and it was my first time seeing Floor Jansen as the new singer. It was the best show ever and makes me more excited for more shows soon.

Example: Ghost Love Score Live 2012

Recommended for: fans curious about the new singer, liking a well trained voice and cinematic sound

2: I almost met Kamelot

Yep this was a sad missed chance. Back in about 2011-2012, they were coming to my town and my ticket included a “Meet and Greet” thing. I couldn’t believe I had the chance to meet them! But I couldn’t find any info about when that happened. So after an empty search, I got to the venue a bit before the show like normal…finding out that the “Meet and Greet” happened like an hour before! While I did love the show, I’m still mad that I couldn’t meet hem. But here’s a favorite song by them I’ve always loved.

Example: The Haunting feat. Simone Simons

Recommended for: Classic power metal fans, Nightwish fans, wanting something new


3: I listen to metal music when I write

Ever since I knew about bands like Nightwish, I started listening to metal music while I was writing. I would put in my headphones and disappear while I wrote stories, lists, outlines and other stuff during college and free time. The epic feeling you get from soundtracks like Lord of the Rings is definitely there in many metal songs. They can also feel like how video game music is done today. It gets the blood pumping and on a good day, awesome ideas when I write.

Example: Into the Fire by Firewind

Recommended For: fans of Star Wars & Lord of the Rings soundtracks, video game lovers and trying to find a new band

4: Metal bands that cover famous songs do an amazing job where I prefer them over the actual version

I’m one of those people that loves a certain song, but also enjoys when a metal band does their own spin. They don’t do it often, which is nice since you don’t get tired of cover songs unless you watch shows like The Voice. I like it when a band takes a great song and adds a new sound to it, making it their own. Here’s one cover that I recommend to people who look for cover songs in metal.

Example: People who love collaborations, good causes and awesome, powerful voices

5: My brother found all the metal bands I love now

I actually never found any metal bands I love now except for Nightwish. My brother would browse iTunes for hours looking for more metal bands. He found: Firewind, Kamelot, Within Temptation, Lacuna Coil and Epica for me. It only took one song for me to get addicted to these bands and they’re still favorites. I don’t like every single thing a band or artist does, but I’m glad my brother gave me more suggestions. There’s plenty of great power metal and symphonic metal bands to enjoy!

Example: What About Us? feat. Tarja by Within Temptation

Recommended for: Soundtrack lovers, Nightwish fans, Kamelot fans and those who are self trained singers (this leading lady never had formal vocal training)

6: Along with the wonderful person who tagged me, I don’t like the screaming bands

I just don’t like the demonic screaming or grunting that many metal bands do. Stuff like black and death metal is too dark. I like to know what the singers are saying; since I’m a singer myself, I like a good technique and sounding voice. I respect that those singers who do the grunting or screaming find a way to not destroy their voice, but it’s not my thing. Even with bands like Epica, I don’t listen to the songs that have much of the male screaming voice. I prefer the instrumentals or ballads with the female voice instead.

Example: White Waters by Epica

Recommended for: fans of ballads, classically trained female voices and ethereal atmosphere

7: Another mostly underground band I love

Even though they’ve been around for a long time, this symphonic metal band is a group of genius. Their sheer composition skills are unlike out there right now. This was of the bands both my brother and I when we were in high school. While I haven’t caught up on their current stuff, this is a favorite song of mine from them.

Caught in a Web by Dream Theater

Thanks so much again to the awesome person who tagged me. I hope you guys enjoyed this tag and hopefully liked the music. Symphonic/power metal is the best 🙂 I’m not sure about who listens to metal, but I’m gonna tag a few people who I think do. But if I didn’t tag you and you like metal, totally do this tag! I officially tag:

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