Hey everyone! I met the milestone of reaching 100 followers this week! You guys mean a lot to me. I’m glad that people like my stuff and I try to stay positive on bad days. We’re all  unsure how much our content means, but we keep pushing through anyway. So here’s to the future! Thanks for your support 🙂

Then, recently I met a few authors! I had so much fun meeting a couple authors at a comic con I attended as well as my favorite book store. So here’s my recent author encounters!

Cat Winters

“Warmest Wishes, Cat Winters”
“Monstrously Yours, Cat Winters” with bookmark

So while I was on vacation, I knew that Cat Winters was going to be a nearby bookstore for her new book Odd & True. I couldn’t wait to meet this amazing author. We went to the event where she brought cupcakes, give a small speech, Q & A and book signing. Her speech was about how Odd & True was her passion project due to having a close relationship with her sister. She talked about putting that sister relationship she has on paper was amazing and that the plot of the Leeds Devil legend was a random encounter. She talked about seeing it on the internet and it sparked the idea for this book. One day she sat down and it just poured out of her and she hopes that more of her future books will be like that one day. It was so much fun to hear about how she wrote the story, answering questions about paranormal fiction, as well being so amazingly nice 🙂

Jim Butcher

GUYS! One of my dreams came true with meeting this amazing author! He’s so humble, nice and chill. I geeked out over events in the Dresden Files and it was nice to chat with him. His panel was also awesome too because he just wants to talk to people and answer questions. *Warning: He doesn’t mind talking spoilers at his panels, so either be caught up or have headphones so you’re not spoiled.* But it’s nice to see authors who are down to earth, love meeting fans whose fame hasn’t gone to their head. If you haven’t gone to a Comic Con or book signing of his and you love his books, it’s so much fun.

Zoraida Cordova

Zoraida was on a recorded episode of Writing Excuses talking about diversity and her book. It was a great talk she did and I had to go meet her after. She was really nice and got excited when I mentioned her new duology that starts in 2019. She even has cute stamps with her signings. Now I’m stoked to read the whole book after loving the first chapter. Plus, this is how you sign a book in style 🙂

Who are some authors you’ve met? Do they sign books in a fun way? Have you met these authors?