12216302Title: Cold Days (Dresden Files #14)

Genre: Adult Urban Fantasy

Release Date: November 27th 2012

Narrator: James Marsters

Listening Time: 18 hours, 50 minutes





There is NO synopsis for this book since it’s book 14 of this ongoing series. The basic plot is that Harry Dresden is a wizard living in Chicago and gets into all kinds of crazy shenanigans. But I recommend looking up the first novel to get an idea of the series. Looking up the synopsis for this book contains massive spoilers.


  • Narration: Again, Marsters does no wrong. I trust his narration completely. From deep, thundering voices to a high zippy fairy, his vocal range is amazing. He even speaks as a character would if they have something in their mouth! No detail is left unnoticed, making him the perfect narrator.
  • Coming Full Circle: The crap really hits the fan in this book; things are coming more full circle from previous books, hinting at some dark stuff ahead. It’s great seeing threads come together and consequences finally catching up with the cast of characters. If you really pay attention, you’ll notice some things from previous books that will make your head explode.
  • Threat Level: Harry has dealt with some scary monsters in the previous books (fallen angels, Red Court vampires, White Court vampires, etc.), leaving him with scars, trauma and major decisions for later down the road. But the threat level is turned up a new notches by the end. The game has changed and the enemies in this book pose quite the intimidating threat for later.
  • References: Jim Butcher has always been, to me, the king of making great references in this series. Poking fun  at social norms, witty comebacks and such. But this book has great Star Wars references and a few others I won’t spoil. There’s also a popular holiday figure that makes an appearance and it’s priceless.
  • Care for Characters: This is book 14 in a planned 23 book series. Long series can run out of steam at times, but with every book, Butcher writes such amazing and flawed characters you grow with. Harry can be stupid sometimes, but his intentions are good and he fights against the temptations he faces to be a good person. Many of the major players in this series deal with heavy stuff, but they still do their best. Being human is hard and Butcher shows this with these people. I love seeing how far these characters have come and will be in the future books.


  • Profanity: While this is an adult fantasy series, they’ve never been excessive with profanity. But personally, this book had way too many F bombs. It felt unnecessary with how much  they said it and took a little enjoyment away.
  • Bit Too Long: I do feel like this could’ve been about 75-100 pages slower. This book does have a lot of build up for the next books, but the plot that is here was stretched a little too thin.

Overall: This isn’t my favorite book in the series like a few others, but Butcher continues to be sneaky at blindsiding you with the truth. Things got crazy, dark and makes me excited for the next book. These audio books are funny, entertaining and masterfully done. Can’t recommend this series enough 🙂


Are you caught up on this series? What book are you on if you’ve started it? Have you listened to the audio books?