Hey everyone! Sorry this post is late; my day got busier than I planned. But I wanted to share some fun non-book stuff with you all. First of all: I beat Breath of the Wild!


Finally, after several months of playing, I beat all 120 shrines and Ganon. If you  haven’t been able to play it yet, it’s completely worth it. Nintendo really went all out with creating a huge, beautiful and amazing open world. They have amazing designs for the Divine Beasts, enemies, shrines and the plot itself. While there’s some fun music missing, some items (hookshot for example) that you don’t get, and the very loose order of beating the game does it make easy for the plot to take a big back seat, it’s such an amazing game. It was worth the longer wait to have it on the new console.

Now, I’m sure many of us have already squealed, cried, screamed or basically been drained of energy because of…

Tonight, wherever you may be, the newest Last Jedi trailer dropped! I had to rush home from work to watch it at home and it doesn’t disappoint. I love the possible hints you’re shown of what’s to come. While I do think some of the images could be misdirection or something clever, we got to see so much more than I thought. December seriously can’t come soon enough. I’m still not really sure about any theories yet, but now I need a fast forward button to December. If you haven’t seen this yet, enjoy 🙂

Have you played Breath of the Wild? What’s your favorite Zelda game? Do you have any non-spoiler theories about Last Jedi? How excited are you for it?