This weeks topic features books that are not horror related, but still scared you or had scenes that freaked you out. I don’t have many of these and sorry if there’s any repeats. But let’s still jump in! *(I will also avoid spoilers to the best of my ability)*

1. The Shadow of What Was Lost (Licanius Trilogy #1)


The beginning of this book had a scene where a main character wakes up and experiences something someone should never face. James Islington did an amazing job at bringing you this scene out of nowhere and raising an amazing bar for the rest of the book.

2. The Passion of Dolssa


This amazing historical fiction novel shows you the horrors of living back during the Inquisition in Spain. You were hunted down for even believing something differently from the church. Your good intentions were on deaf ears and people, especially women were burned or simply met awful ends. While I loved this book, it does show the horrors of a century long past and it makes me grateful for the time I live in.

3. A Torch Against the Night (Ember in the Ashes #2)


The second book in this amazing desert fantasy had me cringing more this time around. When you get to Kauf prison, as well as the stuff that happens to Helene, this book was panic inducing sometimes. The prison is dark, dirty and twisted with one of the vile prison wardens I’ve ever read from. This book was full of betrayal, bloodshed and looming civil war that kept me listening into the dark hour of the night.

4. The Diviners Series by Libba Bray


From serial killers, dreams that make your body disentegrate, carrion crows, mental aslyums and many other dangers, this very creepy 1920’s series is well written, addicting and thought provoking. The first book shows how the Diviners come together to hunt down Naughty John, a religious zealot who hungers for spilling blood. His little song is one I never want to hear again. This isn’t quite for the faint of heart, but if you’re ok with reading creepy books, I can’t recommend this one enough!

5. House


One game. Seven players. Three rules. Game ends at dawn.

This book is classified as a “supernatural thriller”, not horror so I’m counting it. I read this clear back in high school and I knew after finishing it, I wouldn’t read it again. It’s the kind of story where people get stuck in a house with demented people…what’s not scary about that? This was my first book I had read with this kind plot and it went there enough that it was a NOPE for me. If you like stuff like “Amityville Horror” and those types of movies (NOT me), try this and see if it scares you. For me, the authors did their job.

What non-horror books scared you? What was it a certain scene or elements to the story? Have you read these choices? What do you think of these choices?