So I’ve been thinking lately about changing up my book reviews. I want to my reviews to not only be efficient but also feel more thorough and more rewarding. Here’s a few things I’m going to start doing:

  • Full series reviews: I personally like seeing/reading full series reviews. It gives you a good overall idea of what the series is about and and the overall thoughts on the series. So, when I read the first book in a series, I’m not going to review it unless it’s an ARC. But when my wrap up comes, I’ll mention the book and give my rating and answer the question: Will I read the next one? For example, if I read the first book in a trilogy and I want to read the next two, I’ll wait to give a review on the whole series instead of doing three separate reviews. I feel like by doing this I will have more space in my scheduling to post other things, as well as have my complete thoughts in one place. I know many people are very curious about what reviewers think of a series as a whole.
  • A. Note: There will be a catch to this, of course. There are series I want to read, or in the middle of, that are longer than 7 books. So if I’m reading a much longer series, I’ll end up doing parts of a series review. For example, the Dresden Files currently has 15 books out with 23 being the planned total. I have reviewed a couple books in this series so far, but if people want me to start doing a more overall review, I’ll go back to the beginning and do chunks of 4 books for a part one series review. There’s also the situation where an author takes a very long time to publish the final book in a series. If this happens and I haven’t reviewed the previous books, I still will wait to give my full thoughts when the final book is out. But…it’s bound to happen that patience no longer becomes a virtue and I might crack and do reviews anyway. You never know 🙂
  • B. Now, if I read a few series openers and I don’t enjoy them enough to continue with the series, I’m going to combine them in a cumulative post about series that I tried but won’t finish. It’s not uncommon that we start many series, but for whatever reasons come up, we don’t want to finish them. I think this will be an interesting post to show how my tastes have changed, seeing if they hype works for me or not, etc. I don’t know how often these posts will come, but it seems like a good way to go. When it does come to my wrap ups at the end of the month, I’ll mention that I read it but might not give a rating…not sure on that yet.

As of today, these new changes are now in place. I hope you guys will like these changes; I’ve been hoping to always find ways to keep my blog fun, entertaining while always bringing good changes. I also hope that stuff like this will help my book reviews be better as well. Have you changed your book reviews before? If so, did they help? What do you think  about full series reviews?