Happy Wednesday everyone! I’ve been busy recently and don’t have any book reviews yet, but I just wanted to share some of my favorite YouTube channels today. It’s crazy how much this site has evolved since it came around about 10 years ago. From movie trailers, movie critics and even original shows, YouTube is huge now. But here’s my top favorite channels I love watching and supporting 🙂

1. Chris Stuckmann

This guy is amazing! He’s my go to movie guy when it comes to reviewing new films. I don’t like a lot other movie critics anymore because they feel too biased and not really open minded; they have to like things a certain way and don’t seem to genuinely try to enjoy movies. But this guy is very honest in his reviews; he approaches different aspects of the film in a professional way, since he’s done film stuff himself. I never feel like he’s been influenced to like a certain movie when he doesn’t. He also reviews more under the radar films and anime as well. He also does “hilariocity reviews” which make fun of movies and they’re a joy to watch. If you’re sick of a lot of the movie critics, maybe you’ll like this guy.

2. Rosanna Pansino a.k.a. Nerdy Nummies

This amazing baker has proved her skill and charisma on YouTube for a long time now. She now has a best selling cookbook, which is really amazing and millions of subscribers. Every week she has recipe videos, food challenges and other fun things and collaborations with other YouTubers. Also, many of her recipe videos are really easy to follow and for any aspiring bakers, her videos are a great tool for enhancing your skills 🙂

3. Bad Lip Reading

This genius channel parodies sports, movies, songs and even politics! While they don’t upload new stuff every week, the wait is always worth it. They take the real footage and basically make the person spout their nonsense instead and it seriously looks like they’re saying that stuff. If you haven’t heard or watched these videos, make a day of it and laugh your butt off 🙂

4. Looper

This channel, while similar to the popular Watchmojo, is fantastic for movie and other media videos. They’ll do explanations of movie endings, lists of different movies for the following year, fun facts about celebrities, why movie franchises fail and other great stuff. I’ve learned a lot about certain movies or things that fail in Hollywood and every video is genuine and well made. If you’re tired of channels like Watchmojo, or need another channel to marathon their stuff, this channel is for you if you love movies and learning new stuff.

5. Matthew Santoro

This Canadian YouTuber creates educational and fun videos for practically every audience. From nature, history, odd things, scams, worldly facts and other fun stuff, this guy digs into history and makes it fun. I’ve shown some of his videos in college presentations and other times that makes for great conversations. With new videos every week, he always entertains with great content.

6. girlsnextdoorcomic

I’ve mentioned this hilarious, hand drawn comic a few times. My best friend found this on YouTube a while back and got me and other people hooked on it. It’s basically Christine from Phantom of the Opera and Sarah from the 80’s movie Labyrinth being college roommates and all the cameos and other craziness following them. The voice work is really great, with a few central people offering great voices for the main leads and other side characters. You get people like FrankNFurter from Rocky Horror, Darkness from Legend, Eponine from Les Miserables, many Pirates of the Caribbean characters and so much more. Some of the early episodes are a bit roughly drawn but it gets way better as the show goes on. With over 130 episodes and still going, this is perfect if you’re a major fandom person or just want a fun thing to watch on a cold day.

There you have it! I hope you guys enjoyed this list to interrupt my normal book stuff. If you’re a fan of these channels, please let me know in the comments. I always love finding people with common interests and talking about them 🙂 what YouTube channels are your favorite? What do you think of these channels?