In honor of NaNoWriMo wrapping up this year, it’s appropriate to go back into our writing minds and talk about the authors we’d want to write like. These are authors that: write a lot of books, specific genre, writing style, world building skills, etc. These five authors for me are ones that inspire me for different reasons and aren’t in any order. Also, these choices wont’ surprise you much, but let’s just jump in 🙂

1. Jim Butcher


Why I want to write like him: Humor

This author is awesome at bringing snark and humor into his books. Whether it’s his popular Dresden Files or his series opener The Aeronaut’s Windlass, many of his characters have their own kind of humor, cockiness, etc. Harry Dresden is especially the classic example of this, since he doesn’t back down to take a chance at insulting someone or distracting them through his humor. Butcher has even said in panels that he feels he’s not great at humor; he thinks of a good comeback only later after the moment has passed. Still, I want to write humor like this that’s appropriate to the character and brings a smile to the reader.

2. Cat Winters


Why I want to write like her: Genre

Ever since I stumbled upon this author’s incredible works, I’ve been wanting to dip into historical fiction much more in the future when I’m done my current book. She blends positive messages, creepy paranormal elements and tightly paced plots to deliver fantastic novels. From spirit photography, ghosts and other paranormal elements, I would love to follow in her footsteps with a creepy book, but also delivers a wonderful message through a strong character. Plus, there’s so much of history that hasn’t been explored in novels and like Winters, I would like to explore those dustier cracks in history as well.

3. Libba Bray


Why I want to write like her: Writing Style

Ever since I read this book (pictured) a few years ago, I fell in love with how Bray tells a story. With both this series and the Gemma Doyle trilogy, she really knows how to write stories with her word choices, sentence structure and how she paces her stories. I’ve loved so many of her books and even if I don’t love the plot, I always appreciate how much passion you can see in her words. She doesn’t have a lyrical or flowery writing style, but she tells it like it is without using extra words to dance around, which is how I want to be.

4. Samantha Shannon


Why I want to write like her: Ambition/World Building, Genre Bender

When I read this series opener earlier this year, I was blown away with what Samantha Shannon gave in this ongoing series. Not only was she young when she got her book deal, but she has planned 7 books this series. I truly appreciate not only the ambitious world building and terminology for this book, but also that it’s a genre bender of urban fantasy, science fiction and dystopian all in one. Genre bender books are great things because it pushes the normal envelopes for the writers and this is no exception. I would love to be able to dig this much into my own book and maybe even bring elements of different genres into my novels as well.

5. Brandon Sanderson


Pretty much everything!

Yep, the big boss had to be on this list. This guy continues to amaze us with his originality, magic systems, political intrigue, plot twists, characters etc. Ever since his debut novel Elantris back in 2005, he shows no signs of slowing down. I want to write like them for these main reasons: strong magic systems, writing what I want (too many write books based on trendy topics these days) and creating characters that are so real, flawed, funny and ones you root for 🙂

What authors do you want to write like? How has NaNoWriMo been for you? What do you think of these choices?