So we see the different book boxes like Owlcrate, Uppercase and Fairyloot on many Booktube channels were you get a new release and some goodies. I was hesitant to get one because: I like controlling what books I get, sometimes the price and I don’t get involved in popular book series that get a lot of fanmade merch. But after thinking about it, I decided to get the November Fairyloot box: Ladies Who Slay. I got my box just last weekend, so I’ll show you what’s inside and my overall thoughts. NOTE: If you haven’t gotten your box yet and don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read this whole post until you get your box 🙂 But if you’re just curious to see what a book box is like, then let’s jump in!

You see the spoiler card with beautiful artwork when you open the box.
First is a fruit tea and candle

This tea is exclusive to Fairyloot from Bookish Tea and it’s called “Blue’s Brew” inspired by The Raven Boys. Since I don’t drink any kind of tea except for fruit and herbal tea, I’m so happy that this is a tea I can drink. It ingredients like: currants, rose hips and blackberries. It smells a-m-a-z-i-n-g too 🙂

Harry Potter themed candle

This candle is called “Hermoine” and it’s a: vanilla, musk and a berry scent that’s really good. It’s a nice size that would be perfect for sitting on a cold night and lightning the candle. Apparently you can also email them your receipt of your Fariyloot purchase to them and get a full size candle.

Exclusive enamel pin

Now this was a surprise for me 😀 I read this science fiction novel earlier in November for the Fantastic Flying Book Club blog tour and loved it. This pin is a red helix and the packaging has a great tagline. This is a great pin to put on bags, lanyards and other places. This is one of my favorite items.

“An Ember in the Ashes” themed sticker

This sticker is from Reverie & Ink that’s a passage from An Ember in the Ashes, which was another nice surprise. It was slightly bent in transit, but I like the color scheme and it’s a worthy quote from a favorite book.

“Hunger Games” Patch

This nice package contains a Hunger Games sticker from Literary Emporium. The almost old fashioned library card background is a great style choice and it does contain instructions on the back for ironing it onto clothing or bags to use this patch. I’m not obsessed with this famous trilogy, but I will definitely find a place for this patch. It’s nice quality.

Dragon postcard relating to the book

This is a postcard with artwork relating to the book. There’s words winding around with the dragon’s long body which is really cool. This one was sadly kinda warped a bit from the other stuff being on top of it, but the art is beautiful and would look great near other artworks on walls, lockers or other visible places.

Exclusive book sleeve

This was awesome! This exclusive book sleeve is a nice size that will help protect your book when you’re on the go. It also had a waterproof layer inside; the padding inside is really nice and I can see it being essential when you’re a book while traveling. The artwork of the weapons and books is done by Aunjuli Art and the blue and pinks pop very nicely. If I am gonna nitpicky, I do wish there was a zipper or snappy buttons to completely close it. But I can’t wait to use this while I’m traveling to protect my books. Books sleeves should be more common.

And now, here’s the point we all look forward to! There is actually two books in here, which is the main reason why I got this. The first book is a physical ARC that doesn’t come out until 2018. I luckily had predicted it. And the books are…



Advanced Review Copy

OH MAN OH MAN OH MAN! This is my first physical ARC ever and it’s pretty! I had seen this book roaming around Twitter and NetGalley for a little bit and the plot about two girls whose destinies are entwined to their kingdom sounds cool. Every box contained this ARC, so I plan to read this in 2018 a bit closer to the release date. Stay tuned for a review next year when I finish it.

And now…the main book 🙂

Exclusive Fairyloot cover

This month’s book is an exclusive silver foiled cover of The Last Namsara by Kristen Ciccarelli, the first in a fantasy duology about a girl who is a dragon slayer. The original foil and title is gold, but I like the completely silver change. This is one I’ve been interested but haven’t heard a lot of about. I’m excited to dive into this soon. And of course, you get a book mark, letter from the author and a “Fairy Scoop” newsletter that contained an interview with the author and sneak peek of the next month’s theme.

Bookmark and letter from the author
November Fairyloot Box

And there we have it! This was a fun experience to open this box and explore all the stuff inside. The artwork is great quality, fun little pins and other things and the two books was a great deal. I would have to say my favorite items are the helix enamel pin, the book sleeve and the two books. I didn’t know what to expect as far as the merchandise, but it was nice to get little items based off of stuff I’ve read or known about and want to keep. I recommend this box if you’re looking for a fantasy book box, as well as a subscription service that offers you a hint of what’s inside. That’s the major thing that convinced me to try this box; I’m not a huge fan of having everything a surprise.

Verdict? Total buy! I can’t wait to watch for another box I really want. If you’ve been curious about this box, it’s totally worth it 🙂

Have you done Fairyloot before? What are some merch you’ve gotten? What do you think of these exclusive covers they do?