Another month done and the last month of the year is here! I swear November was almost a complete blur. But I managed to read 5 things in November, with a huge one I’m currently working on and then a final update on my NaNoWriMo progress πŸ™‚

Total Finished Books: 5

Library Books: 2

Personal Books: 1

ARCs: 2


33542861READ from Oct 27- Nov 2nd

Library Book

Rating: 2 stars

This YA mystery/thriller had a lot of potential until the end and some things that felt borderline offensive to me. I’m not sure if I’ll read anything else by this author, but you never know. A disappointing read.

The Hanging Girl: Review

33876440READ from Oct 17- Nov 2nd

Blog Tour ARC

Rating: 5 stars

This book is out now and I can’t recommend it enough! This debut science fiction/dystopian takes technology and deadly disease to a whole new level. While I know the romance could throw some people, this is an actual YA science fiction worth checking out πŸ™‚

This Mortal Coil Review + Giveaway!

34227665READ from Nov 3-8th

Library Book

Rating: 5 stars

This woman does it again! I’ve loved everything this woman has written so far. This dark, but hopeful novel focuses on Hanalee whose trying to figure out how her father died and find her role in life as a biracial teen in 1920’s Oregon. If you’re a Cat Winters fan and haven’t read this yet, do pick it up. If you’re looking for a good, hard hitting historical fiction, look no further. Easily a favorite of the year πŸ™‚

5 Reasons to read The Steep & Thorny Way

34076952READ from Nov 17-22nd

Personal Book

Rating: 4 stars

I never thought I would pick this up, since I didn’t like the Grisha books I have attempted. But man, Bardugo blew me away with how she wrote most of these original fairy tales. While they do have inspirations of tales from our world, these are definitely worth it. You don’t even need to have read her other Grisha books to get these stories. This proved to me that I will read more from Bardugo in the future.

Double Review: Language of Thorns & Nothing But Sky

35223711READ from Nov 24-29th

NetGalley ARC

Rating: 2 stars

This historical fiction didn’t go as well as the other one I read this month. I did go a bit on the ranty side of things in my cons for this mini review. It’s set in the ’20’s about a girl who stop at nothing to get to the World Aviation Expo and finds love along the way. This is one I don’t really recommend though. Check out my mini review to see more of my thoughts.

Currently Working On…


This audio book is 55 hours and 6 mins long! I’ve been waiting for this beast all year. So far, I’m really close to halfway done, so about 24 ish hours in by the last day of November. I do hope to finish this next month and I will do a part one series review on this huge epic fantasy series for those who have been curious about this series. So far, the stuff I’ve listened to has been funny, touching and building up for some insane stuff.

NaNoWriMo Final Check-In

I hit my goal of getting 25k! I hadn’t been keeping up really well on my word count in the last few days of the month, so I sat myself down in two days and got just over 25k to finish up. Also, 90% of the material I wrote was completely brand new! After at least five years, I finally broke the new ground that wasn’t coming at all. From minor characters, plot building to random new scenes, I think this year was successful. I’m not completely done with my book but now with this new ground broken, this will help gather the plot together after a decade of working on it πŸ™‚

Total Word Count: 25, 556

Average Words Per Day: 1, 667

Not only that, it was great to get a small playlist to help with writing. I’ve always been a big soundtrack fan with trying to write. Here’s a few songs/albums that helped with my writing:

  • Duel of the Fates from Phantom Menace
  • Savages from Pocahantas
  • Gravity soundtrack
  • Kamelot
  • Within Temptation
  • X-Men: Days of Future Past soundtrack

What was your favorite book this month? Have you read these books/want to read? How did you do at NaNoWriMo?