When we read something, it tends to either stay with us long after reading, make us go into rage mode, or just fall into limbo like the books on this list. I personally do have a problem with retaining some information after reading a book, but these ones are books that I haven’t thought about again or ones I’m not motivated to give another try or continue the series it’s in. If you love these books, that’s totally cool; these ones just left my brain after reading them…These aren’t ranked either.

1. The Queen of the Tearling #1


I read this clear back in 2015 and I thought it was just meh after finishing it. While the idea of it being a medieval type setting when it’s actually many years in the future is a good idea, nothing else took off. The magic in this book is constantly danced around and brought in as a deus ex machina to me and the main character was just bland and did what the plot told her to do (if that makes sense). Even the political intrigue didn’t do anything for me either. I also heard that the next books involve scenes of rape and a really weird ending, so this will stay in limbo.

2. Song of the Current #1


I’m not gonna list a whole bunch of DNF’s in this list, but this one just didn’t do literally anything to me. I had it on hold from the library and read the first 100 pages right when it came out. But I felt no emotion or drive to keep reading this book. Over time and till now, I don’t think about it and it never calls to me again. The writing was okay, characters were just there and while the plot seemed like it could be good, I feel like what I actually read didn’t reflect what the synopsis gave. So this was practically DOA as soon as I hit the 100 page mark…

3. Strange Alchemy


So the three things I remember from this book was: play on the Roanoke Island mystery, how the author changed the structure of law enforcement to let the characters do whatever the hell they want and that I skimmed at least half this book. Other than, I haven’t thought about it since having the ARC last year and was pretty bored. The writing was nothing special and when I read the author’s note stating she changed the structure of law enforcement for this story (hence not having the police do anything at all), that irked me to no end. Other than that, this was pretty much gone from my mind after I finished it.

4. Fire & Flood #1


This mash up of Hunger Games and Pokemon had mediocre writing, a terrible romance, plot holes when you think about it long enough and just memorable. I grabbed this from Overdrive and read it in a couple days. But while the concept does sound kinda interesting, it’s nothing special. After I read it, knowing that the third book will most likely never be published, I realized I didn’t like t he characters at all and moved onto other books.

5. The Forest of Hands and Teeth #1


Whenever I see this book series at the library or on book store shelves, no feelings came to mind. It was a mindless zombie book with another forced romance, no tension and cardboard characters. I had tried to see how the other books handled the zombie story in the two other books, but they didn’t seem to interest me at all. The fact that I felt no tension when the characters were escaping hungry zombies speaks a lot to how bland this book is. I’m sure there’s better books in this genre out there but this older YA series beginner isn’t worth your attention if you don’t like zombies or the fact that it doesn’t really answer any questions. Out of my mind it goes again.

What books do you think are forgettable? Have you read these books and agree?