Yesterday, one year ago, I started this blog having no idea what would happen. Now a year later, it’s crazy to think that it’s been that long! As I’ve kept up this blog, read books, participated in discussions and started finding friends, I realized that this was something I always wanted to do. I’ve someone whose passionate about books, whether in the good or bad way and love to talk about them, but didn’t have a ton of people to explain it with. Now a year later, I feel better knowing there’s people out there I can talk about about books, getting to know people and getting out of shell 🙂 For those who have stuck with me for an entire year, thanks so much! I especially want to thank:

  • Tiana (The Book Raven)
  • Amanda (Literary Weaponry)
  • Bentley (Book Bastion)
  • Reading with Renz
  • Embuhlee
  • BookPrincessReviews
  • nzfnmblog
  • Too Much of a Book Nerd
  • And everyone else who reads my stuff, likes it and has stuck around 🙂

I really appreciate the WordPress book community here for who open they are, honest and nice and an environment where I feel good saying the things I feel. There are times where every community, no matter the subject, isn’t kind and can lash out at someone. While I’m not saying that won’t ever happen, I feel lucky to be apart of this big community where I’ve seen nothing but respect, laughter, fun and talking about books. Let us always be kind and keep being better 🙂 I hope this second year will have: more friends, learning new things, writing better reviews and other great things ahead. With this short and sweet  post, I thank you guys again for a great year and look forward to all the others 🙂