Today, I beat a game that stole my heart from the beginning cut-scene 🙂 It’s been a good 6-8 years since I played an RPG game that completely got me sucked in and truly invested (Baiten Kaitos cough). But this game for the Nintendo Switch is funny, clever, huge in world, endless amounts of stuff to do and characters that I want as real friends. That game is: Xenoblade Chronicles 2!

NOTE: While this game is set in the same world as the original Xenoblade Chronices (Wii) and Xenoblade Chronicles X (WiiU), you can totally play this one, since it’s set in a different part of the world and completely different characters.

But essentially, you follow a salvager named Rex who comes into contact with a group of people that need his skills to find a sunken ship. Inside that ship, he unlocked a Blade called the Aegis. There, he begins his journey with Pyra (both pictured in the video thumbnail above) as he travels all the different continents, uncovers the secrets of the world and also meets some awesome friends. Here’s 5 reasons to get this game:

  1. Detailed Main Story: There’s times where you play a game and ultimately just want more from; it either is too short of a game, or they just didn’t build up the story enough to make it complex or very detailed. But this main story, while quite a long one, has amazing moments to keep you invested. You explore the different Titans (people live on these moving Titans, making them continents essentially) with their people, history, secrets and politics so every place feels individual. You also meet colorful Blades (with their own fun individual quests) and companions like Nia and Tora and a few others I won’t spoil 🙂 But you go on this journey with Rex and Pyra as you understand their flaws, joys and hardships along the way.
  2. No One Is One Dimensional/Thrown to the Side: This was huge when it comes to the rare Blades you get in the game. These ones are the most human looking (like Pyra) that you unlock by bonding core crystals to your characters. As you go on a side quest for an individual blade, you learn more about them and it makes them more human and not just a one dimensional sidekick you  use sometimes. They also have fun banter between each other (especially one with two female Blades that’s hilarious) which makes for some fun cut scenes. Even human side characters have more to them than just the occasional run into for a mission. Some of my favorite Blades are: Dromarch, Nim, Roc, Godfrey, Kasandra and Pyra.
  3. Easy Tutorials: Throughout the game, whenever you get a new power or approach a new situation, the game will help you with a tutorial to understand what to do next. Sometimes, the game even helps you a little bit by giving you some small advantage to continue. Also, the “skip travel” makes it every easy to go back and forth between places so you’re not walking e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e, especially with side quests and such. Also, you use the same A B X Y buttons for all your attacking in battle so nothing sneaks up on you. Also, if you don’t remember where to go on a quest for example, pulling up the map on the “skip travel” screen will help you find where to go next. I think kids as young as 11, who are used to games like Breath of the Wild will easily settle into this type of game. Plus, there’s also a Wiki page and YouTube gaming channels with other helpful tips if you  need them too. (I sure did)
  4. Fun Pokes at Anime Tropes: One thing that made this game so charming and fun is that it pokes at itself at times and doesn’t take iteslf too seriously. Some cutscenes have laugh out loud moments as your party eats, tries to sleep and other locations in the game (like a hot spring for example). It makes fun of the non proportional bodies of females in anime, certain personalities (like “I’m not happy to see you” when they actually are) and even funny dances. There’s plenty to enjoy if you love anime 🙂
  5. Still Much to Do: I beat this game at 160 hours of gameplay and I still wasn’t done! You can unlock all of your Blades abilties, side quests, develop each continent (buying from them to make them more prosperous for example), beating unique monsters, secret areas and there’s even more DLC stuff coming! They have announced stuff like: new rare blades, a battle mode and more story gameplay coming this year! I loved seeing all the secrets things to find, all the treasure chests, trying to get every rare blade and so much more. Huge JRPG fans of games like Final Fantasy, Tales of Symphonia and Chrono Trigger will love this huge world!

I hope you guys liked this random post 🙂 If you’ve been wondering what to play next on the Switch, I loved this game and I would dare to say that I loved it more than Breath of the Wild (enter all the shock) and I can’t wait to do the extra stuff coming this year. If you’ve played this game, let me know and what you like about it! Let me know what other JRPG games you love 🙂