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This week’s topic is our favorite science fiction and fantasy (SFF) in other media besides books. Since fantasy has been in my life since forever, this was no brainer for me. These aren’t ranked (can’t do that), but I couldn’t wait to share these five awesome SFF stories/series.

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

WARNING: This video contains spoilers throughout the 7 seasons, so if you haven’t watched it, be warned! But oh man this show is timeless! I started watching it not long after the show ended in 2003 (probably between 2004-2006, around there) but I fell in love with the show. It did show a main female lead kicking butt and being strong in many ways while trying to be a teenager. It defined a generation and still connects to teens today for many reasons. Plus, Spike is my forever favorite hot bad guy 🙂

2. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

I did beat this game recently, but it’s that good 🙂 it follows a young salvager named Rex who gets caught up in a world surrounded by walking Titans (people live on them), blades (human looking beings that fight beside you) and also seeing that there’s more to life than just taking care of your own goals. This group of characters you follow are complex, likable, funny and grow so much. Even the other Blades have their own quests and have some fun development. If you love JRPG games, you need to get this!

3. Legend of Zelda Franchise

Granted, this is just a fraction of my Zelda collection. I first got sucked into this franchise clear back in 1998 when Ocarina of Time was on the Nintendo 64! *Old school forever* Ever since then, I have: amiibos, puzzles, shirts, game cases, an actual ocarina and PLENTY others. I just love how with each game, you have a different world to explore and different versions of the Hero of Time’s battle against Ganon. Also, there’s a few I still haven’t played but I’ll almost anything this universe 🙂


4. Studio Ghibli films

                                                             My collection so far

I have loved this Japanese film studio since I was 13 when I first watched Kiki’s Delivery Service, and then Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away soon after. I can’t really choose a favorite but I love how colorful, fun and original many of them are. There’s a few I still haven’t seen, but these movies rival Disney for me!

5. Sailor Moon

This was my first anime that got me into anime and I’m not ashamed 🙂 For 10 years of my life, I had: mangas, novel versions, dolls, DVD/VHS of movies and episodes, a lunch box, a mini trash can, two costumes made and many more things. It’s magical girls fighting evil 🙂 What’s not to like? Sure it can be cheesy but this was another part of my childhood and it will always have a special place in my heart.

Honorable Mentions

  • Fire Emblem game franchise
  • Tales of Symphonia (Gamecube game)
  • Heroes of the Storm (Blizzard Game)
  • Hellboy films
  • Beauty and the Beast 80’s TV show
  • Van Helsing film (2004)

What are some of your favorite SFF besides books? What do you know about these? Do you like them too?