33224144Title: Someday, Somewhere

Author: Lindsay Champion (Debut)

Genre: YA Contemporary

Release Date: April 3rd from Kids Can Press

Format: Kindle ARC





*I received this ARC from Kids Can Press via Edelweiss in exchange for review. All thoughts are my own and no quotations will be used*

Synopsis: Dominique is an aspiring dancer whose almost given up on her dream of dancing. Ben is a violin protege going to Brighton. One day they meet in New York City and feel an instant spark.

I had this ARC since late last year and finished it while on vacation. Since I got it so far from the release date, I decided to wait a bit to read until it was closer to April. I was also happy that I got my first ARC from Edelweiss in a long time! This is a YA contemporary that was good but not great. Let’s break it down!


  • Old School References: One of my favorite things about this book is all the old school references to old musicals, classic Hollywood films and classical music pieces. I loved seeing so many movie titles and actors that I enjoy watching. It was a nice change seeing kids appreciate musicals and old Hollywood films instead of current pop culture. I also really liked learning some music stuff, from facts about classical composers to even how classical music is structured.
  • Descriptions: Lindsay Champion is very good at descriptions, where it’s the city life in New York, the sky, classical music, etc. Her writing is the most engaging with descriptions of setting and feelings.
  • Dominique’s Life: I found Dominique to be the better POV out of the two. She lives in New Jersey with her mom who runs a laundromat and they haven’t been very well off financially. I loved her relationship with her mother and just how much she loves and respects her mother. It’s always wonderful to read about a teen who loves their parent/parents and respects how hard they work to support them, even if it’s not a well paying job. Plus, I had never read about a teen whose parents owns a laundromat. The tiny details about running a laundromat was cool. Also her growth was the most realistic for me.
  • Cass (side character): Cass is Dominique’s best friend who is African American. He’s very close and very supportive of her. Throughout the book, he’s there for her, gives advice and reminds her of what’s important. I kinda wish she ended up with him, but their friendship is something I want to see more of in YA 🙂
  • Ending: I will just say that this book had an unexpected ending. I was about halfway through and had no idea of where it was going to go so that was nice!


  • Ben: Ben’s POV was very frustrating overall for me. He was very one sided, which you can understand when you read the book as it gets going. But at the same time, he never takes care of  himself, no respect or love for his family and even kinda rude. There’s a reason why, but that’s my next point. He wasn’t badly written but there needed to be some work at fleshing him out to have him be more engaging.
  • Bad Plot twist: Now, this is something I didn’t tolerate. There’s a reason why Ben is the way he is and the author treats it like a plot twist which I do not like. The reader can tell very well that something isn’t right, so not only was it very predictable, I don’t think it was handled well. His parents were kinda bad examples of letting wander wherever he wanted/ never checking on him/not treating it sooner, etc. Also, his story wasn’t wrapped up as well so it felt unfulfilled with his portion of the story.
  • Feels a Little Young: This is mainly a personal thing, since I’m just over 10 years older than the main characters but the dialogue and inner monologues feel a little young for their age. It was a bit over-dramatic, so there were beginning sections that I kinda skim read. But it didn’t severely affect my rating.
  • Length: Honestly, this was about 40 pages too short. I wanted more development with Ben after everything that happened. While the very end was well done, I think it could’ve been a little bit longer to explain and show the effects of what happened to Ben.

Overall: This was a simple, quick read that I’m overall glad that I read for the musical/movie references, Dominique’s POV and Cass as a side character. I will try another book by this author in the future. I didn’t love it, but it was good.


**A HUGE thank you to Edelweiss and Kids Can Press for providing this ARC!**

Have you heard of this book? Does this sound like something you want to read? If you’ve read this, what do you think of it?