This is a weekly Goodreads group, where different topics are discussed and shared every week with different themes. It’s run by Sam from Thoughts on Tomes and the GR group is  here. This week is your ideal mashups with books. For example, it’s: “Perfect for fans of ___ and ___!” You see these all the time on social media, posters, websites and even printed on new releases. Here’s five that would make me beyond stoked!

1. “Brandon Sanderson meets Samantha Shannon”

Need I say more?! These two authors are beyond amazing with their fantasy world building skills and high adventure stories. I would love to see this on a adult SFF novel, especially a debut that has the caliber that these two fantasy juggernauts have!

2. “Perfect for fans of Emily Suvada and Courtney Alameda”

Man this would sound like a creepy thrill ride of a YA science fiction or paranormal novel. If you loved the high tension, biological thriller This Mortal Coil and also enjoyed Shutter and Pitch Dark, imagine a creepy science centered or supernatural story with great writing like these two ladies. I’m needing more thrilling and intense books that are similar to the ones I just mentioned 🙂

3. “Dragon Age meets Legend of Zelda” for a video game

I basically played Dragon Age: Origins twice in one year and really enjoyed the second Dragon Age game despite the glitches. But what if you combine the power house of BioWare with something like Zelda? A hero whose decisions alter the course of the game as they journey to fight evil. You can have the option to form a party with multiplayer or go solo and do side quests along the way. Not to mention really awesome creature fights and a nasty villain that actually messes with you! It would be amazing to have an open world like Breath of the Wild


5. “Perfect for fans of The Passion of Dolssa and Cat Winters”

Man it would be amazing to see a historical fiction book that has the impeccable research and emotion of The Passion of Dolssa but also with the gripping writing and maybe supernatural elements of Cat Winters’ novels? Plus why not have it be about a time in history that’s not studied? I loved seeing a novel take place Spain during the time of the Inquisition like Dolssa and I want more!

What mashups would you love to see? Do you agree with these ones? Do any of them sound good to you?