So it’s Monday, and I don’t have a review  today…so I had no idea what to do. So I saw the lovely Kelly from Another Book in the Wall do this tag and I thought “why not?” Most of these pictures are from my bookshelves too! Let’s jump in 🙂

1. Find a book on your shelves or e-reader with a blue cover. What made you pick up this book?

Hands down that’s Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor. *NOTE: This UK edition is going to be the US paperback cover coming this year, so watch out for that* But I just love this blue cover so much. It’s enchanting and alluring just like the story. It’s also completely shows you a glimpse of what the story will be 🙂

2. Think of a book you didn’t expect to enjoy, but did. Why did you read it in the first place?

Some of you know that I’m not a Bardugo fan. I DNF’d Six of Crows and really didn’t like Shadow and Bone. But when I heard that this collection of stories was coming out and that you didn’t need to have a lot of Grisha knowledge, I was intrigued yet skeptical. So I got it and read it and was very surprised by it! The author really spun her own unique takes on classic fairy tales and nearly makes them her own original stories. I loved how she didn’t pull any punches with the stories and not to mention the gorgeous, flip book type illustrations. So this completely took me by surprise and now I want to read her Wonder Woman book.

3. Stand in front of your shelves with your eyes closed and pick a book at random. How did you discover this book?

I found this book at Target a long time ago and had to pick it up. Homer’s Odyssey is a non-fiction story about Oscar, a black and blind kitty that the author adopted and how he impacts her life. I’m very much an animal person and I found this to be heartwarming, fun and another story to add to mine of how amazing animals are. If you want more cat books, I highly suggest this one 🙂

4. Pick a book that someone personally recommended to you. What did you think of it?

This is another case where my high school librarian is such an amazing person! She bought this book for the school library when it came out. My best friend read it first, since the librarian wanted our opinions on it if she should keep it in the collection. So I read it after my friend and loved it! This is a retelling of the Twelve Dancing Princesses set in Romania. I always recommend this book to younger girls to read if they love fairy tales because it’s magical, fun and full of magic. Plus it’s a very underrated retelling 🙂

5. Pick a book you discovered through blogs/Booktube

*This shelf is from a B&N I perused* But with this prompt, I immediately thought of An Enchantment of Ravens. If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you’ll know that I love this book so much! There’s been a fair bit of negative reviews on Booktube surrounding this book, which part of me understand why it’s not for everyone. But at the time I read it, it felt like magic whenever I read it and it was exactly what I needed 🙂

6. Find a book on your shelves with a one world title. What drew you to this book?

I smiled when I grabbed Beauty by Robin McKinley. I read this back in high school after my high school librarian recommended it to me and my friends. I believe one of my friends read it first and then told me to. This was published clear back in 1978 and it was McKinley’s debut novel. It was also the first major retelling book I’d read and I loved it when I was  young. Our Beauty character is not as pretty as her sisters (much more plan looking, awkward, etc.) but is the one who comes to love the Beast character. It’s been a very long time since I’ve read it, but I give this book credit for helping my love for fantasy books as a teen.

7. What book did you discover through a book/TV adaptation?


When the first film came out in 2001, I was in elementary school and it was what everyone at school was talking about. So I read the three books when I was 12, but I can’t remember if I read only the first before the movie or all three. Anyway, all the teachers were talking about the first movie and my mom contemplated taking my brother and I since the Orcs were soooo scary (she gave in though because we weren’t scared). But I’m glad that I read them at the time the movies were coming out. While I love the movies more than the books personally, there were a few scenes from the books that they didn’t add to the movies that would’ve been cool.

Now there’s also the short story I Am Legend, which inspired a few movies but most would recognize the film with Will Smith. This short story was published clear back in 1954 and it’s the story of a man who thinks he’s the only human left amongst these creatures that roam the city. There are differences between the Will Smith version and the actual story. The short story for me was more scary and lively and the creatures are a terrifying hybrid between zombie and vampire. If you liked the movie or wanted more from it, read the original short story and see what you think 🙂

8. Think of your all time favorite book(s). When did you read them and why did you pick them up in the first place?

  • The Way of Kings: My husband asked me to read it, since he knew I was a Sanderson fan. I listened to this while we were on a trip and I just loved seeing Sanderson create a world full of magic, politics, secrets and fantastic characters.
  • An Ember in the Ashes: I originally never planned on reading this, hearing how dark it got. But I look back on that now and think it was silly! I got the audio book and fell in love with this Roman inspired fantasy. It’s a story of brutality, finding your way, accepting yourself and changing the world. I love the messages of hope and fighting for what you believe in 🙂
  • The Bone Season: This was a random bookstore buy and it was my first book review here! Samantha Shannon creates a very detailed urban fantasy that has a mass of clairvoyant powers as Paige navigates this almost dystopian future London. It’s intense, sharply written and engaging with every page.
  • Sabriel: I read this when I was 12 that helped me get into fantasy. What more can I say? It means a lot to me 🙂
  • The Forbidden Wish: This Aladdin retelling actually convinced me to read more retellings and give them a chance. I just loved that the genie is a girl and that Aladdin is a more mature character. It it lush, romantic and pure magic!
  • Hunted: I had to pick this up after watching the not good 2017 Beauty and the Beast movie. So I wanted a book based on this fairy tale and it was wonderful. The Belle character is smart and deadly and the POV of the Beast was creepy and ominous. I will read anything Spooner comes out with.
  • Mistborn: Best fantasy trilogy with politics, original magic system, shock and devastation at every turn. It was my first take on adult fantasy and the rest is history 🙂
  • Strange the Dreamer: A gorgeous fantasy world that made me cry and showed the power of imagination and the longing to belong somewhere. When a book makes you feel things and makes you forget the world, that’s a special story 🙂
  • Unearthed: This is my favorite 2018 release so far! It’s such a fun science fiction book set on an alien planet, trying to figure out where this race went and trying to save Earth with their technology. Mia and Jules are fantastic characters, who romantic tension is just perfection!

What would you pick for these answers? What are some of your favorites on your shelves?