Happy Wednesday guys! I was trying to figure what to do for a post yesterday, but then something fun came so I figured that was perfect timing. So I’ll show what I’m currently reading (attempting) and listening and then my bookmail story and a couple things my husband got me for mother’s day 🙂

Currently Reading and Listening

33914064Current Audio Book

I had started to feel like I wasn’t able to focus on physical books very well so I went through Overdrive to find a YA fantasy on audio that I could try. Then I found this one and I’m currently 44% through and loving it! This book came in my November Fairyloot box, but I’m one of those people who puts books off…unintentionally. But this centers around a girl whose the Iskari, the dragon hunter and she’s trying to find the first dragon and kill it. For me, the world gives me a bit Ember in the Ashes vibes and the main girl Asha does remind me a bit of San from Princess Mononoke! I hope to do a review on Friday 🙂

32333296Library Book, 30 pages in

When I heard that this was a contemporary surrounding an ice cream shop, I impatiently waited for my library to get it in. I’m one of those who loves ice cream ANY time of the year so this sounded good. But I’ve only read 30 pages and it hasn’t made me want to pick it up all the time and some Goodreads reviews haven’t been nice either. I think I’ll try about 50 more pages to see if it gets better. If you enjoyed this book, help motivate me to continue lol 🙂

13639182Library book, 80 pages in

This is blurbed as an American Gothic YA book centered about a swamp that the locals avoid and the main character’s brother goes missing in the swamp. I got the idea for a WIP the other day while at work (still haven’t worked on it…yeah…) but I thought of this book and thought the atmosphere might help. It’s repetitive in some places but it’s good so far. Hope to finish this by soon.

That’s what I’m up to with reading right now! I’ve been obsessed with The Last Namsara since everything about it has been sucking me in. I do have to work on my NetGalley titles this month as well, so I plan to start one of them today.

Mother’s Day Gifts

So my awesome husband knows me so well! He’s gotten me a gift for Mother’s Day every year since we’ve been married even though we don’t have kids yet (human kids anyway). So he got me these!


I love these books so much! I’ve been a fan of Zelda for 20 years since the N64 with Ocarina of Time 🙂 *that shows you how old I am* While I haven’t played every game in the franchise, these games just speak to me with the different creatures, types of stories it tells and just Link and Zelda in general. The Art & Artifacts shows more of the items you get in all the games and the Historia is the history of the franchise with the official timeline that was established prior to Breath of the Wild. Here’s a few pages from each book:

                  Timeline of Hyrule
                                    Timeline of Link
                      Cool sketches of the characters
                        Stunning art of each game!
A page of every item you get in each game is fun too!

So if you are a Zelda fan, you need to get these books 🙂 I have seen them in places like Game Stop, Walmart and also Target. But it’s fun to look at preliminary sketches of characters, full art work of each game, detailed descriptions of the development of games and so much more. My husband is the best!

Fun Bookmail Story

So back in February, I emailed an author to request an ARC of her book that comes out this year. She was so happy that I messaged her and asked me to send  her my address and she would see what she could do about getting me a copy. A lot of time went by and I didn’t hear anything back, so I just let it be since I don’t like bugging people. But it came yesterday! I freaked out when I saw it my mail box so I ran inside and opened it and it’s BEAUTIFUL 🙂

YOU GUYS! I got one of my TOP anticipated releases of the whole year in my hands! She wrote the nicest note about thanking me for requesting her book and it just made my day 🙂 I have mentioned this book a few times on my blog and Twitter. This is a historical fiction and it is blurbed by Cat Winters (you can’t go wrong there) and it’s about a girl trying to save her crumbling family estate and there’s her dark past involved. Plus that cover…it’s one of my all time favorites! As soon as I be a responsible book reviewer and get some NetGalley stuff read, I’ll dive into this immediately. Its available on NetGalley too, so if this sounds good, go request!

What fun book mail have you gotten? Have you read any of the books I’ve mentioned and did you like them? What books about dragons can you recommend?