There some fun things that happened recently. I’ll first start with the book signing with Sabaa Tahir and Renee Ahdieh yesterday! I was really looking forward that she was coming back to my area. So I took a friend with me that also loves the series. Sadly, while in line, they stopped taking pictures which really bummed me out 😦 But I do have my copy now!

I just love how she signs her books with drawing a mask 🙂 It was really cool to see Renee and Sabaa talk, since they’re best friends in real life. They told us 2 things that the other person loves and hates, which some were hilarious. They also asked each other questions when it came to writing. Renee said she’s a huge plotter, so she always knew how both her series would play out. Sabaa said she hasn’t even started book 4 yet, but knows how she wants things to end up. It was a super fun signing and they’re super sweet. I’m so glad I went!

May Illumicrate Unboxing

I had heard about the Illumicrate box through a few people on Instagram and Booktube channels. It’s another UK book box where you get a new book and goodies relating to a theme. This month’s theme was “Hidden Talents” and it does contain an ARC, since they include one in most of their boxes. It’s also a quarterly box which doesn’t seem very common. So *SPOILERS* ahead if you haven’t gotten your box yet!







Ok, here we go!

The ARC is an exclusive version of “Light Years” by Kass Morgan who wrote “The 100” series
This is a book sample of Holly Bourne’s upcoming book. She’s a very popular UK YA author
Adorable Black Panther book sleeve!
Awesome dagger bookmark inspired by “Red Sister”by Mark Lawrence
Cute mini lunchbox (right) and the back of the dagger bookmark and you can see a card for “A Reaper at the Gate”
                   Infernal Devices character cards
        Camp Half Blood Pegasus pin
Stainless steel bookmarks based on the four elements
The main book is “A Thousand Perfect Notes” by CG Drews. Look at those sprayed edges!
Overall look of the goodies in the box!

So this box was pretty cool. I liked the quality of many of the items, especially the stainless steel bookmarks and the book sleeves. I honestly don’t care for the Infernal Devices character cards and the ARC itself (I think it could’ve been a much more anticipated release) but it was a good box. I liked that there many different fandom goodies, making it a real variety. I will try them again for sure 🙂

Have you gotten the Illumicrate box? Did you get this one and if so, what item was your favorite? What book signings you have been to and what was your experience like?