Hey guys! I did make some small blog format changes recently. I tried to make the front page lighter with more white, different font and main picture on the front page 🙂 I hope you guys like it! I was thinking of changing the entire format of my front page, but I’ll keep it the same for right now. If you guys have any suggestions to make my pages even better, feel free to let me know.

I also have a new blogging schedule now. I am now posting: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. I decided that I have been getting enough content ideas to post more often. I also think that posting more often keeps the blog flowing more and keeping ideas fresh instead of making it wait until the next blog day or next week. Of course, a day or two might change due to blog tours, vacations, etc. But for now, I like this 4 day set up 🙂

June Book Haul (So Far)

I thought it would be fun to show you what books I have gotten so far. These are all the books I have gotten from trades on Twitter, Kindle purchases and other random buys. I have a couple other titles on their way to me, but I’ll keep those secret until I get them and do a bookmail or another book haul at the end of the month!

  • The Radical Element: I read this anthology from NetGalley earlier this year and got an ARC copy through trading. I haven’t heard anyone else talk about this collection, which is sad because there’s some awesome stories in here. If you like short story collections, go get this one!
  • A Thousand Perfect Notes: This book is from the May Illumicrate box, which is a book box based in the UK. This is a debut novel about a boy whose mother makes him be perfect at the piano and his hobby is becoming something he hates until he meets a girl. I hadn’t really heard of this, but I’m hoping it’ll be an enjoyable read.
  • Outrun the Moon: This is a YA historical fiction book surrounding the earthquake in 1906 in California and follows a Chinese American main character. Stacey Lee is a very regarded author of historical fiction and I LOVED her story in The Radical Element so I need more by her 🙂
  • Ice Wolves #1: This is a middle grade (I think?) book and it’s Amie Kaufman’s first solo book! This is about two siblings in a world where the Scorch Dragons and Ice Wolves are enemies and the siblings and they end up on either side of the two factions and start to question their origins. I have heard a few good things and I love Amie Kaufman so I’m stoked.
  • A Death Struck Year: This author recently published Isle of Blood and Stone which has been getting some attention. But this is her first book about a girl right in the middle of the 1918 flu epidemic in the US. The plot sounds similar to  In the Shadow of Blackbirds and you guys know how much I love Cat Winters and historical fiction 🙂
  • Shadow of the Fox ARC!!!: I got this from the lovely Kelly over on Twitter. She had gotten some ARCs at BookExpo and wanted to send some to newer bloggers who don’t get ARCs or rarely get them and I got this one. I read a sample from Buzz Books and I loved it. This is an #ownvoices Japanese fantasy coming out in October 😀
  • Renegades #1: This was one of the recent trades I got and I’m actually excited about this one. I am hoping that I like this Marissa Meyer series opener, since I am not a huge fan of her retelling books. Being centered around superheroes and villains, I’m crossing my fingers that it’ll be fun and give this author another chance.

Kindle Purchases


  • The Final Six #1: I got this for $1.99 this weekend and figured “why not?” This is a YA scifi book about teenagers that entering a competition, where the winners will go into space to populate one of Jupiter’s moons. It also have two main perspectives of an Italian male swimmer and an Iranian-American girl (which is #ownvoices) and it sounds really entertaining 🙂
  • Nyxia #1: I had heard of this book from a couple bookstagram friends and a good friend in real life who love this book. This is another scifi about a boy named Emmett who is on the ship Babylon and I hear it has secrets, space and awesomeness. The sequel is also out in July so I hope to get on it soon.
  • Legendary (Caraval #2): So….I’m sure many of you will be shocked to see this. I had mentioned in my first “series I won’t finish” that this series was one I wasn’t going to continue. But right after its release, I was seriously craving it for some reason. I have heard from people who didn’t like the first one that they liked the sequel much better. So we shall see what happens. I really do hope I spent the money on a book that’s worth my time 🙂

There we have it! I hope you guys enjoy your Monday and have been doing well 🙂 What books did you get recently? Which of these books should I make a priority first?