Hey everyone! I’m interrupting my book posts to share with you some awesome news: I’m writing again and it feels awesome. I had been working on a fantasy novel that’s been around for years, but off and on I’ve been discouraged and didn’t feel like it was going anywhere. So for now, it’s shelved and while it sucks to say that, I figured it was better to try something else.

So I was reading the other day and listening a soundtrack. With the combination of the Gothic historical fiction book and a darkly creepy soundtrack, an idea flickered in my mind. So for the last two days, I’ve been plotting/outlining and just letting this idea grow.

Some Playlist Songs

Here are a few songs that either spark my creative vibes or might have some significance to the story itself. Music speaks to us all in random ways 🙂

There are just a few to mention for now, since I’m still creating the playlist. Soundtracks or instrumentals have always sparked my creativity since I was young and I love the fact that my mind just seems to open while listening to ones that seem to grab me and not let go. If you’re curious about soundtracks while writing, I definitely recommend it.

Brief Story Synopsis

Now I’m not sharing everything now for a couple reasons: I’m still kind of a private person when it comes to writing and I also haven’t figured everything out yet. But I will say that this is a historical fantasy and possibly either a standalone or maybe more books.

It’s about a young man and young woman caught up in the American Civil War, with one being a tortured soldier and the other a female spy whose also a nurse. Both do fall in love eventually, but after one devastating night of bloodshed and terror, she wakes up in the future with almost no memory of certain events and hasn’t aged. As she tries to get back to the man she loves and find out what happened, she realizes what secrets are truly lying in her home town and also deeper in history…

As this plot unraveled these past couple days, this has become a passion project for me. I have heard many times from writers that “you should write something you would want to read”, which is some awesome advice. But I think what’s really been helping is that I haven’t been looking up any writing advice or reading ANYTHING relating to writing. Having just the idea and research in front of me is allowing that magic to come out 🙂


There you have it! This is my current WIP that I wanted to share with everyone. It does make me nervous to share stuff like this, but I can’t wait to keep developing it. I really want to know what you guys are working on if you’re writing. What tips are helpful for you? What writing advice stuck and what didn’t?