It’s that time again for a wrap up of what books I read! I cannot believe we’re already halfway over with 2018 already! I hate this “days fly by” thing; it’s an everyday thing for me. I ended up finishing 5 things which was fun. I had to recap a book series, re-read a book for a fun Skype call (I’ll get into that) and also new books. Here’s what I read:

Total Books: 5

Physical Books: 1

Audio Books: 2

ARCs: 2

36506218Listened from May 24th-June 7th

Original Listen: April 25th – May 6th 2016

Recap Listen: 2018

Rating: 5 stars (remains the same)

With Reaper coming out in June, I decided to listen to the first one again since it had been 2 years since then and a refresher is never a bad idea. I LOVED this book even more the second time around. I noticed more often how Laia’s growth of being a coward at first to gaining her own strength is really touching. I also liked seeing Elias’s conflict even more with fighting the Mask training that’s part of him and also wanting to escape. I saw a few ways that the pieces of the whole story fell together which was great. I also noticed that Helene appears a bit heartless in the first one towards the Scholars, but obviously she gets more growth. But it was a great listen.

32173182Read from June 8-15th

Rating: 3.75 stars

I read this for the Fantastic Flying Book Club blog tour for this book. Since I read some contemporary/thrillers more, I figured I would give this a try. This is a about a boy whose a diver and believes that he started the house fire that killed his mother. But with his memories starting to come back, he realizes that there’s way more to the truth. In parts, this is a twisted book but in a good way. I loved reading from a male’s POV for once and all the diving stuff was fascinating, since diving is the top sport I watch during the Olympics. While this wasn’t a favorite, I’ll check out this author’s other work in the future.

Blog Tour Review: Dive Smack + Giveaway (closed)

37588503Read from June 13th-19th

Rating: 5 stars

Holy crap was this was a surprise! I found this in the “Available DRC” section (the Read Now) on Edelweiss and grabbed it. This is inspired by Indian mythology, as well as Mahabharata and it was amazing. Hindu inspired gods in space?! What’s cooler than that? This story, the first in a trilogy, follows Esmae who wants her family to take their throne back and wins a competition for an unbeatable war ship called Titania. But when she starts learning about the usurper king on the throne, her motivations and perspective starts to change. This book was fun, completely original and  has such a great protagonist. I can’t recommend requesting this book or downloading it from Edelweiss enough. This comes out in September and it needs all the love 🙂

Five Reasons to Read A Spark of White Fire

36949334Listened from June 13th-25th

Rating: Between 4 to 4.5 stars

I was highly anticipating this book like everyone else was and I got to go to her book signing in my area which was really fun. But I prefer the audio books and this audio was amazing as always. There’s a bonus narrator that was nice as far as the story content. And while I loved so much of this book, Helene bugged the crap out of me! I understand the stuff she went through and the people she’s trying to keep safe but she never felt as smart as she could have been. I also felt like for a good while that the author was being unnecessarily evil with having the characters constantly fail. But by the end, everything balanced out for me. There’s some SERIOUS crap that happens, so be prepared that this stuff gets darker than the first two. I loved the answers, reveals, the romance and the growth in this book for so many of the characters. I think the way it sets up the final book was a nice, unexpected turn of events. So while I had a couple gripes, I still love this series so much and I’m hoping it’s not long for the last one.

30763905Read from June 4-28th

Original Listen: April 6-14th 2017

2018 Re-read: 4 stars (remains the same)

I did a book post a while ago about winning a giveaway from this author that included 6 copies of this book in paperback. It also included a 30 min Skype session with her! So I got a couple neighbors and friends and we all read it this month to prepare for the Skype call. Katie Bayerl was so nice and great to talk to; it was fascinating to see how she came up with the novel and some of the publishing process. It wa also fun to revisit this book again after over a year of being away from it. I got the grief Callie feels for her sister SO much more this time around and I actually felt for her character more. While the mystery takes a bit of a back seat and the ending is a little rushed, I still really recommend this raw and honest contemporary book 🙂

Started, Not Finished

33294216ARC, 114 pgs in

19486421Audio Book, 1 hr

June Book Haul (The Rest) & Book Ban

I had a post earlier this month that showed part of my June boo haul that I will link here so you can see the first chunk of books I got 🙂

New Format, Schedule and June Book Haul (So Far)

These are the last books I got this month and they are pretty dang awesome. I can’t believe I have some of these books in my possession!



  • Impostors (Uglies #5): GUYS I HAVE IT! I got this lovely ARC from trading on Twitter and I couldn’t be more excited. I read the first 3 Uglies book clear back in 2014 but inhaled them within a week and a half which is rare for me. (I also had more time then) But this is set after the events of the original series but follows a different character. I really like that the author is exploring the effects of what happens after the first three books. I hope it’s awesome!
  • A Touch of Gold: So recently, I actually sent an email request to a publicist for an ARC of this book and I got it! I was over the moon when I found out that I got it. It’s even more pretty in person. But this debut novel is focusing on King Midas’s daughter, who has gold skin after he touched her as a child. It’s supposed to have romance and an epic adventure and I’ll be reading it in July 🙂
  • Fire and Heist: I got this from NetGalley and it doesn’t come out until December. This is a book about a family of wyverns (people who can turn into dragons) and their love of heists and how your own successful heist is a rite of passage. But she starts learning dark secrets about her mother and a mysterious jewel during her heist, so that sold me. A dragon heist? Sign me up!
  • The Dark Beneath the Ice: This is another NetGalley title that I’ll be reading in July since it’s out in early August. This book is pitched as “Black Swan meets Paranormal Activity” so that sounded amazing. The main girl is losing time and objects break around her, so she tries to figure out what’s coming for her. I’m liking books that aren’t strictly horror but have horror elements to them so I hope I like this one.
  • A Tyranny of Petticoats (Kindle): After reading the companion anthology The Radical Element earlier this year, I’ve really been wanting to try this anthology that started it all. This collection spans from the late 1700’s to the 1960’s in American history. I hear some great things about this collection and it has some authors I haven’t read from before. Plus it was a decent Kindle price so I hope it as much as the other collection.
  • The Evolution of Claire: Isn’t that cover amazing?! This book is about Bryce Dallas Howard’s character from Jurassic World (red haired girl). This takes place before the movie and it’s basically her origin story. I love Tess Sharpe’s writing so much and I was so excited that she had another YA book coming out. While I’m not a fan of Jurassic World, I’m up for a fun origin story involving dinosaurs and supporting the author.

Book Ban Attempt

So…I’m gonna try this book ban thing that people have done. I am accumulating too many books and not enough time to read them, especially when you have ARCs and reading deadlines that go with them. So starting July 1st through August 31st, I’m cutting down on some things and setting up a couple goals:

  1. No book purchases (Audible, Kindle or Physical books)
  2. No physical or Overdrive library books or audio books (unless they were put on hold before July 1st, those are ok)
  3. Read at least 4 books I physically own
  4. Get caught up on ARCs

I don’t know how strict I’m actually being on myself, but I figured stopping a few book habits could help. I genuinely at least hope to read a couple books I own on my shelves and catch up on ARCs so I don’t feel overwhelmed. I’ll actually have some free time in July so I’m counting on that extra time to read will help. I am hoping too that this ban can kind of start helping me not to be so grabby hands with books and taking them home lol. We’ll see! Please cheer me on 🙂

What did you read this month? Did you read any of these? What do you hope to read in July?