Today’s post is talking about books I think are worth re-reads. Monthly Recommendation is a group run by Trina from Between Chapters on YouTube and Kayla Rayne (also from YouTube) where there’s one topic each month. The GR group’s link is here:

Many of these books are dear to my heart and aren’t in any order. I haven’t talked about a few of things o my blog either, so I hope you guys like this list! These are mainly books that I want to re-read again for several reasons, but for some, I give reasons why you should re-read it if you have read it.

1. The Midnighters Trilogy


This trilogy, written before his more famous Uglies series, which is getting more books, is awesome. I read this series back in about 2003-2004 and it had me hooked. It’s about three teens in the Midwest, where they can move around in time when it freezes at midnight. I remember loving how original the concept was and overall story, so I would love a trip down memory lane.

2. Companions of the Night


Don’t let this older cover fool you. This standalone vampire novel is about a young girl who goes back into a laundromat to get her brother’s stuffed bear, finding a group of men beating up a younger man. It takes place in one night and I’m wanting to revisit this book that was critical for me with reading more.

3. Original Mistborn trilogy


Holy cow this series will put you through the ringer? But why do a re-read of this series? I don’t want to keep going on how amazing it is, but there is a short story called Mistborn: Secret History that does SPOIL the events of the trilogy. But it’s a certain POV of a beloved character and it opens the world so much more. If you loved this series, go re-read this and then that short story. Since these are involved in his Cosmere universe, it’s also really cool to see the tiny details of things that eventually connect. I’m actually listening to this series again after a few years and it’s been such fun ride!

4. Snapshot


This novella is very different from what Sanderson normally writes. It’s a detective story set in a world where cops into “snapshots” which are alternate worlds to investigate the truth in their cases. But you can’t interfere with the snapshot too much, as you risk messing things up. It’s about a guy and his partner in a shapshot. This is worth a re-read because it’s such an original concept but there’s also so many threads that weave together perfectly 🙂 While it’s not my top favorite story by him, I can’t recommend it enough if you need something short, fast paced and original.

5. The Passion of Dolssa


This book is set 1241 in Spain and tells the story of Dolssa, a young girl accused of heresy that’s being cared for by three sisters and it’s their story. It’s set during the Inquistion which was a terrifying time period. This book does have a few POV’s but it’s completely worth a re-read. A second read, knowing the story, could be make the historical time period more compelling, picking up more threads that you couldn’t see the second time and there’s also so much to talk about. It’s both a great beach read and a book club pick.

6. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter


This book is a clever take on Lincoln’s life of being a vampire hunter. I read this not long after it came out and it’s so much fun. I think it’s another great beach read/vacation read. Summer is the perfect time to read fast paced or fun books and this book is one of them. If you like history and vampires, this is a good one! (Don’t read the sequel or watch the movie) I do think I’ll pick this back up for some historical fiction research for own WIP (the actual facts in the books of course).

7. The Steep and Thorny Way


Love historical fiction? Read this one! This is set in Oregon in the 1920’s where the KKK is in town and Hanalee is trying to learn how her father really died. She sees his ghost on the highway and sets out to fnd out the truth. Cat Winters pulls no punches in this powerful novel about truth, courage and standing for yourself. Hanalee is a biracial girl whose having a hard time finding her place in the world and she endures so much in this book, but her character arc is beautiful 🙂

What books do you think are worth re-reading? Have you read any of these? What books would you recommend to me?