Happy late Thursday guys! I’ve been waist deep in my novel project which is still going amazing 🙂 Today I had to do another unboxing today for my favorite book box yet: Enchanted Book Box. I am picky with book boxes period: I don’t really subscribe (only single purchases), I prefer hints to what the book is and I just don’t need a ton of bookish items. But I have this book box company on Instagram and wanted to give them a try. This is a US based subscription box and this is their July box themed: Darkness Within. If you haven’t received your July box yet, there are spoilers ahead!

But without further ado, let’s jump in!

Art for this month’s theme

Isn’t this art print stunning? I am becoming a major fan of the theme picture that book boxes are doing. This is done by their exclusive artist named @Arz28 and it’s officially my favorite themed print 🙂

Candle and shower tablet

Sorry if the image isn’t great. The candle is called “Off With His Head” inspired by Heartless and it’s a good scent that reminds me of a fancy, red velvet sort of cookie. It’s a pinkish purple candle and it’s designed by @inthewickoftime. The shower tablet is Throne of Glass inspired shower tablet, which kinda sounds like a shower bath bomb? It’s a eucalyptus type scent which is interesting. It’s done by Good Common Sense, which has an Etsy shop.

Tote bag

Oh man this tote is just too pretty! This is designed by @cakefacereader & @lovelybookishmarks and the quote is from Carval that says: “Dreams that come true can be beautiful but they can also turn into nightmares.” While I wasn’t a huge fan of the book, I love this tag, especially the longer straps which makes it very useful for long days of carrying stuff around.


This gorgeous map is from the Nevernight series and it was designed by @kirsty.carter.art and while I have no intention to read this series, this map is amazing. It actually gives me vibes of the artwork for Language of Thorns which was stunning all around.

Wood bookmark

I am such a bookmark person and I was so happy to see an extra bookmark in this box, especially a wooden one! This cool wavy, wooden bookmark is inspired by Three Dark Crowns and it was designed by @dreamyandco and this is such a cool Halloween, old Gothic Victorian type aesthetic that I love. I’m so happy to have this to my bookmark collection.

Stunning wallet

Guys this is my new wallet! When I saw this in the box, I was ecstatic! I have actually been needing a new wallet for over 2 years now and this is officially the best thing I have ever received in a book box ever. This is another Caraval themed item that I believe is designed by the same people who made the tote bag. But I love how much room it has, easy zipper and of course the stunning circus aesthetic. I’m over the moon 🙂

Space pin

Finally, the last item before the book is their exclusive pin for the box. It’s exclusive the book and made by the box company themselves. It’s one of those amazing enamel pins, which are my favorite kind and I love that you can see a planet background in the helmet 🙂 I hope that book boxes keep doing enamel pins since they’re sturdy and are more colorful.

July book pick

This was the reason why I tried this box in the first place. I was 90% sure, due to their hint, that this was their book and I’m so happy that I was right! I have seen glowing reviews of this book from Heater @ Sassy Book Geek and Destiny @ Howling Librarians and I always trust their reviews. This book is a sci-fi horror first book of a duology about a ship going to answer an SOS call and find dead bodies in their wake. I’ve heard it’s scary but very good. The cover is not exclusive to their box but I love it anyway :)\

Book plate

This book plate was bigger than I thought but it’s nice and is a pretty pattern for the border 🙂 I’m beyond excited for this book!

All the things

Alright guys there you have it! I am beyond happy with this book box and highly recommend it! If you like doing single purchases like me, this box is totally worth it. It’s also a bit cheaper than boxes like FairyLoot which was very nice. This box had items that I needed, amazing quality and a book that I’m dying to read. This book box is very underrated and needs more love for sure 🙂 I can’t wait to buy from them again!

Have you gotten this book box before? If so, did you like it? Have you read the book and what did you think of it?