38214104Title: Perfect Harmony

Author: Emily Albright

Genre: YA Contemporary/Romance

Release Date: September 18th from Amberjack Publishing

Format: Kindle ARC





* I voluntarily downloaded this from NetGalley to review, but I treat as every ARC review I do. No quotations will be used and all thoughts and opinions are my own*

Goodreads Syopsis: Pippa Wyndham is a top cellist―she’d never settle for anything less. Determined to get into the nation’s most prestigious music college, nothing’s going to stand in her way . . . Until her senior year of high school when a new guy from a fancy New York conservatory transfers to her school.

Declan Brogan’s cocky, and he knows how amazing he is at the cello. He has every intention of knocking Pippa out of first chair and showing her who really belongs on top. Forced together when assigned a duet, their personal competition and mutual dislike transform into a teasing friendship.

Torn between her childhood crush and the boy who threatens her dreams, Pippa finds herself at risk of losing her best friend, her future, and the boy who makes her heart melt. Struggling to make things right, Pippa discovers that sometimes the thing you want the most doesn’t always end up being the thing you need.

When I read the synopsis of this book, I figured it was time to see if a YA contemporary would spark my reading, since I have hit one of those weird reading moods where I don’t know what I want to read or what kind of book will fix this odd reading mood. Lo and behold, this book was amazing! This cute, romantic contemporary was a great, fast paced read and I wasn’t even mad about it! Here’s the breakdown of my thoughts on this book:


  • General plot line: This is basically a love to hate type relationship, since Pippa refuses to like Declan since they’re both talented cellists and he keeps inferring that he’ll take her first chair. But of course, as she realizes her feelings for him, she still tries so hard to fight against them and it honestly made their attraction even more cute. I liked seeing how they learned to tolerate each other and explore their feelings as the plot progressed.
  • Family Dynamic: I loved Pippa and her dynamic with her family. Her twin brother Phillip is a clueless high school basketball player who has a problem saying how he really feels with some things, but their relationship felt real and sweet. I also loved the focus of the relationship between Pippa and her mother, who is a famous concert pianist. The way her mother got through to her and their conversations reminded me of some great moments I’ve had with my mom in my life. While her dad isn’t in it very much, he’s a funny guy and balances out the family well. They felt like real people that I wanted to hang out with.
  • Romance/Relationship: Oh my goodness this was so sweet! Declan and Pippa truly had chemistry on every page of this book. Their passion for music and finding themselves drove this book so well. Declan has a few character things up his sleeve that made him more developed and Pippa had an overall effective character arc. Their romance reminded me of I felt reading Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen with how sweet and real it felt. The struggles they felt with their feelings is completely relatable and I think many readers will find themselves in these characters. Both of them are characters I’ll remember. I was really worried how things would end up before I finished, but luckily everything wrapped up well.
  • Messages: This book had some great messages on what friendship really means, what defines you as a person, how to treat others and how to accept love from others. This book again felt like a Sarah Dessen book with seeing how these teens navigated bullying, college, relationships and emotions they can’t fully figure out. This is a book that libraries need to purchase for their collections.
  • Writing/POV: I don’t say this often but this author truly captures a teenage POV in Pippa. She’s a driven person who wants to always be first chair and also loves her cello. You feel her passion for music and how she thinks her future should be planned out. The things these teens thought or said is completely true and things I felt myself so I applaud this author for this genuine book about music, love and finding what your identity is beyond your musical instrument of choice.


  • More Pages: I just personally wanted more pages! I wanted more time with these characters, more romance to develop from them and that’s it. It’s just a preference since I enjoyed this book so much.


While I don’t think everyone will love this book, I certainly did. Some might find the story sappy or the plot kinda thin but I just absorbed every word. This book was exactly what I needed to have a sweet story featuring two musicians finding themselves. If you love YA contemporaries, go download this from NetGalley and also remembering to pick it up when it comes out in September. This book is perfect for people who love cute romance stories.


Have you heard of this book? Does it sound like something you would read? Do you have any other contemporaries featuring music that you can recommend?