37825397Title: Impostors (Uglies #5)

Author: Scott Westerfeld

Genre: YA Dystopian/Sci-Fi

Release Date: September 11th 2018 from Scholastic

Format: Physical ARC & Library Copy





Goodreads Synopsis: Frey and Rafi are inseparable . . . but very few people have ever seen them together. This is because Frey is Rafi’s double, raised in the shadows of their rich father’s fortress. While Rafi has been taught to charm, Frey has been taught to kill. Frey only exists to protect her sister. There is no other part of her life. Frey has never been out in the world on her own – until her father sends her in Rafi’s place to act as collateral for a dangerous deal. Everyone thinks she’s her sister – but Col, the son of a rival leader, is starting to get close enough to tell the difference. As the stakes grow higher and higher, Frey must decide whether she can trust him – or anyone in her life.

**This review was supposed to be up on Saturday but I worked a full day and then didn’t get home until really late. Sorry this is up late guys. Back the review :)**

When there was the announcement last year that the Uglies world was getting a new companion series, I flipped my lid. I read the original trilogy back in 2014 and binged read them, which is rare for me. I loved the messages of beauty standards, standing up to popular trends and also being a dystopian novel that kept my interest and had very fast pacing. So with this new book, set years after the first three books, this book shows the reader what happened after the reign of the pretties ended.

The big question is for many people now: Do you have to read the original trilogy before this one? Answer: YES. I say yes because the way that the characters talk can be kinda funny and the small references the author makes to the previous books won’t sink in as well if you just start with this one. I almost never think that you can start a book to a new series set in a world where previous novels have been published for this specific reason. So if you want to check this series out, go read the original trilogy first before diving in here. I think you’ll enjoy it more and get the references that sprinkled in. Plus the original trilogy is awesome.

So how does this new book hold up to the original books? I wasn’t a huge fan of this book sadly. I was hoping to love this one as much as the original trilogy. I don’t have a lot of feelings about this new book, which I noticed right away. While the references were fun, the pacing was even throughout and the messages of the excess of social media, the importance of privacy and finding your voice are good, that’s about it as far as the positives. Everything else just didn’t work for me and didn’t leave much of an impression.

Frey as the main character felt like a life size cardboard cut out that never did much. She is raised to be her sister’s impostor and also trained to be a killer. Her personality never fit the “trained killer” aspect to her past and she mainly felt boring. She felt like a one note character with wanting to be noticed and being way too distracted by her unnecessary love interest Col. She never felt like she grew for me at all in this story, since she did have chances for great moments of reflection and choosing to grow instead of become distracted. Her love interest, Col, also was very flat and not written well. To me, it felt like his only purpose for existing was to blindly fall for Frey and keep kissing her and distracting her. I think Westerfeld has done much better to write male characters in his previous novels.

The other thing that I never felt anything for was the action and suspense. It felt too “stop and go” for me as well was never making me feel involved in the action and feel like anyone was in danger. The action would start and build somewhat, then something would make the action stop and never reach any level of raised stakes. The staggered action was never really present in the original series to me, so this “stop and go” with the new one felt fake and disappointing. Then with the ending, I just didn’t really care of what was happening because there was SO much set up that their plan doesn’t even start taking place. It took way too long to get to the end and I don’t know if I’ll even continue. It hurts that another new release was disappointing 😦


Are you excited for the new Uglies series? Did you like the original trilogy? If you have read this, what are your thoughts on Impostors?