Happy Wednesday everyone! It’s time for another Top 5 Wednesday. This week’s topic is our favorite villain, which is a topic that was done a couple years ago. So many of us love villains from their attire, attitude, background, etc. In some cases, we love them more than the heroes. But for me, here’s 5 of my favorite villains from books and other media 🙂

1. The Red Court from The Dresden Files


In this urban fantasy series, there are three types of vampires: the White Court (incubus/succubus), the Black Court (more like Dracula, extremely rare and mysterious) and the Red Court (can appear human, but are the deadliest). The Red Court is constant thorn in Harry’s side and they don’t hesitate to spill blood and relish in chaos throughout most of the books. While they appear human, they use a glamour to disguise their disgusting, monstrous selves. Their saliva is also temporarily paralyzes you, leaving almost no room for escape. They’re cunning, numerous and scary.

2. General Meridas Amaram from The Stormlight Archive


When Kaladin joins the army at a younger age, he is under the command of General Amaram, a man claimed to have great honor and respectable man. But after Kaladin acquires some shard plate that rightfully belongs to him, Amaram betrays Kaladin by taking the plate and then branding him a dangerous slave. This secret, and the darker secrets and willful corruption makes this guy a villain you love to hate. He’s smart at keeping his appearance seem honorable to all, but when his darkness shows, it truly lets you see how far someone will go to take control and make sure they appear good in front of everyone. This is one of Sanderson’s most complex villains.

3. The First from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Man this villain freaked me out in the final season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Also known as the First Evil, this guy manipulates, possess and causes major damage to Buffy’s confidence and the whole gang as well. With this evil being the most powerful villain they’ve ever faced, the creators really showed you what true evil is and how terrifying it is. This villain seems unstoppable and has some of the best lines from all the villains in the show. They make the final season a must watch for all fans.

4. Amalthus from Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Image result for amaltheus xenoblade 2

Man this guy surprised me in the game with being a complex and intriguing villain. Amalthus went through a lot of trials in life, questioning if the famed Architect truly intended to have their world be the way that it is. He heals a man, who eventually robs and kills most of a family before Amalthus rescues the baby, causing him to question the world. But over time, he awakens Malos, the evil Aegis and becomes his driver. He truly thinks his intentions of what he’s “learned” is true and while he appears helpful, there’s a zealot underneath who will stop at nothing to ensure the destruction he thinks that mankind deserves.

5. The Commandant from An Ember in the Ashes


Still to this day, since I listened to the first book of this popular series, I have hated and also been sickly fascinated by Keris, the Commandant of this fantasy world. The head of Black Cliff, she willingly inflicts pain, torture and death to those who don’t bend their heads in complete obedience to the empire. The times where you do see the cracks in that evil facade, you truly wonder what kind of person allowed themselves to the bloodthirsty person you know them to be. She has some interesting moments in the series and I’m really interested to see where her fate lies in the final book.

Who are some of your favorite villains? Are these villains your favorite as well?