39863259Title: The Deceivers (Vale Hall #1)

Author: Kristen Simmons

Release Date: February 5th 2019 from Tor Teen

Genre: YA Contemporary









Goodreads Synopsis: Pretty Little Liars meets Ocean’s 11 in this intrigue-filled contemporary drama from acclaimed author Kristen Simmons.

Welcome to Vale Hall, the school for aspiring con artists.

When Brynn Hilder is recruited to Vale, it seems like the elite academy is her chance to start over, away from her mom’s loser boyfriend and her rundown neighborhood. But she soon learns that Vale chooses students not so much for their scholastic talent as for their extracurricular activities, such as her time spent conning rich North Shore kids out of their extravagant allowances.

At first, Brynn jumps at the chance to help the school in its mission to rid the city of corrupt officials–because what could be better than giving entitled jerks what they deserve? But that’s before she meets her mark–a senator’s son–and before she discovers the school’s headmaster has secrets he’ll stop at nothing to protect. As the lines between right and wrong blur, Brynn begins to realize she’s in way over head.


KRISTEN SIMMONS is the author of the ARTICLE 5 series, THE GLASS ARROW, and METALTOWN. She has worked with survivors of abuse and trauma as a mental health therapist, taught Jazzercise in five states, and is forever in search of the next best cupcake. Currently she lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband, where she spends her days supporting the caffeine industry and chasing her delightfully rambunctious son.

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“Relax,” Caleb says quietly. Then, to my surprise, he steps closer and touches me.

One hand on my collarbone. One hand on my belly.

I give a small gasp, and watch his Adam’s apple bob directly in front of my face. His hands are warm; I can feel them through my shirt. When his thumb moves the tiniest bit at the base of my throat, my skin alights with goose bumps.

He doesn’t move.

My heart is hammering against my ribs. I am too light, too hot.

The only boy who ever touched me like that was Marcus, but even then, even when we went all the way, it was always like we were rushing to finish something. Check off a box. Satisfy curiosities. I’d known him forever, so while the  steps were new, he was always familiar.

I never felt with him the newness, the urge to explore, that I do right now.

And then, somehow, I understand. The heat from his hands connects inside me, pulling everything inward while the rest of me unwinds.

Caleb pulls back slowly, and when I look down at his hands I see black ink smudges on his fingers—faded marks that have probably withstood more than a few washes. Then his fists are grasped, and he’s back in position. I try to even out my breaths, focusing on that ball of heat he’s left within me.

“You don’t let go of your center,” he says, and maybe I’m making it up, but his voice sounds rougher than before. “You hold it, no matter what.”

I don’t totally understand the concept, but I know a thing or two about holding onto things. I’ve had plenty of chances to give up on my dreams, but I didn’t.

“All the moves are fluid,” he says. “You send energy my way, I send it back to you. Hit me.”

It takes me a second to register his last words. Hit me.

I try, but his hand slips around my fist and shoves it to the side.

“You throw a punch at me, but I don’t absorb it. I push it back your way. Use it against you.”

“That’s not very nice.” My voice sounds far away.

He aims the tiniest smirk down at my hands. “Again.”

I strike, and he deflects, simply by pushing my arm to the side. Pak sao, he calls it. Such a minimal effort, so contrary to all the fights I’ve seen. This is quiet and calm, and even though
we’re sparring, my pulse finds a familiar rhythm.

“Good,” he says. “Let’s switch.”

This time it’s him coming at me, and though I’m not at skilled as defense, I get the hang of it. I watch our hands and think of energy traveling back and forth between us. I feel all the places we touch, the hard bones of his wrist and the soft skin beneath. I hear his breath, and mine, and before long I’m aware of nothing else.

“That’s a wrap,” Belk calls.

I startle, arms dropping to my sides. My hands and wrists are warm and sting a bit from the gentle slap of his hands. Caleb’s eyes are on mine, and his lips are slightly parted, and it might be stupid, but it feels like we were doing something a lot more private than practicing Kung Fu.


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