Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope your week is great and if you’ve been getting a lot of snow/bad weather, stay safe and warm! Today’s post I wanted to shake things up and talk about my non-book anticipated releases. It’s always fun to go off the path and talk about anticipated things of your other interests. These for me are video games, movies/adaptations or music albums. Note that any of these are subject to change dates. These also aren’t in any order so let’s get started!

Video Games


1. Anthem (Bioware) Feb. 22nd)


When I first saw the first clip of this new BioWare game, I lost it you guys. I have loved the Dragon Age and the Star Wars: The Old Republic from BioWare (still haven’t played Mass Effect but I’ll fix that) so I was very excited for this game. In this new game, you will pick between 4 Javelin suits and travel on an open world game with varying missions. I’m not too good at shooter type games, but since I love BioWare, I’m ready to dive in!

2. Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Nintendo Switch) July 26th


Ever since the early GameBoy Advance games, this franchise had my heart just like the Zelda franchise. From the GameBoy, Gamecube, Wii, 3DS and now the Switch, Fire Emblem has followed me throughout my teen and adult years. I love famous characters like Chrom, Lucina, Eliwood, Lyn and Corrin that you have seen on Smash Bros. This new game is the newest story RPG game from them since Radiant Dawn back on the Wii! I was so happy to find out that we’ll have a new major console game from them. While I’m not exactly sure how I feel about your character being a professor to students, but I hope that there’s more variety to the game than just that. Either way, this is gonna be pre-ordered.

3. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (Nintendo Switch) Summer 2019

With the Nintendo Direct that happened today, I heard about this game and got super excited! It looks like the side scroller like Castlevania and even the setting and the monsters remind me of the game franchise. You play as Lady Miriam, a girl who can absorb the abilities of monsters and you’re trying to defeat a curse. If there’s anything that resembles the awesome Castlevania franchise, I’m on board for checking it out.



1. Glass (January)

After loving the insanely good movie Split that made me terrified of James MacAvoy, I was shocked when I found out it was a sequel to another Shyamalan film Unbreakable. This new movie in the trilogy will bring both films together with a play on super heroes and villains. While I’ve heard mixed reviews on this movie, I still need to watch Unbreakable first and then I’ll be able to watch this one. M. Night Shyamalan is back in form like the good ol’ days.

2. How to Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World (February)

Who doesn’t love these adorable movies about a boy who finds a black, feared dragon and they become best friends? These movies are funny and full of heart as they explore Hiccup and Toothless’s world. We waited a long time for this final film in the trilogy and from the trailers, I’m so excited for the way the story is gonna go. This can’t come out soon enough and I know that tissues might be needed.

3. Captain Marvel (March)

Before I really started watching the Marvel movies, I had no idea who Captain Marvel was. But with these movies dominating the box office and the lore expanding with each movie, we were bound to see new heroes we don’t really know about. Heck, Guardians of the Galaxy was a surprise hit even though they’re very unknown the public. I’m definitely excited for this movie because we can learn about another character, since she’s rumored to match Thanos in power and also see more of Fury’s past. From what the trailers have shown, this is gonna be good.

4. Hellboy (April)

Now…don’t get me started on how I’m still pissed that there will never be an actual Hellboy 3. I was waiting for a decade to see if it would finally happen before Hollywood took my dream and burned it. But this reboot has potential to be good enough like the original ones. I like David Harbour (Stranger Things) and I think he’s a great casting choice. The story seems different from the others but I hope that at least they can make the franchise last to give a conclusion. I do have high expectations, since Ron Perlman is the best, but I hope it’s good enough that I’m not more mad lol.

5. Avengers: Endgame (April)

Yep, whose not excited for this?! Who is gonna survive and who is gonna die? I’m so curious to see how this next movie unfolds the consequences of the first one. I do hope that it’s just as good as the last one.

6. Shazam! (April)

I love Zachary Levi and when it was official that he was gonna play a superhero, I was very intrigued! This upcoming DC movie looks like so much fun. I think DC is learning that having a balance of action and humor in a movie makes it more enjoyable for a general audience and the trailers show so much good stuff in here. Levi seems perfectly cast for this type of hero so I’m highly optimistic for this movie.

7. Toy Story 4 (June)

Who is just as shocked as me that we’re getting another movie?! I thought the last one ended on such a great note, but I trust Pixar to bring us a good movie. The couple trailers so far are clever and even funny so I’m crossing my fingers for another classic Pixar movie 🙂

8. Spider Man: Far From Home (July)

After seeing this new kid as Spider-man, I love him! He’s such a great balance of being a young kid and a witty superhero! Marvel just keeps kicking butt with great movies and I know this one should be just as good as the first one. Heck, we have Jake Gyllenhaal in this movie. July needs to hurry up for more good Spider-man movies.

9. Star Wars Episode IX (December)

Image result for star wars episode ix

This is a major jump but who is NOT excited for Star Wars?! Even though I wasn’t a complete fan of episode 8 (there’s many opinions on that movie) but I know that with JJ Abrams back as director, I have confidence that he’ll do his best to fix the trilogy to make sure that there is continuity. I love these new movies and the new characters and I want this last movie in the new trilogy to satisfy some of the bitter feelings that the last one gave me. And hopefully there’s gonna be trailer soon!

Of course, it’s still early in the year and things could still come out. But even though a couple of these things are out already or are very soon releasing, I still wanted to share some other interests besides books. If you’re excited for any of these, let me know in the comments!