This is a very personal post that I wanted to share today. I was thinking the other day that this year is 15 years that I have loved the Finnish metal band Nightwish. If any of you have followed my blog, or seen my musical section, you know that I have symphonic/power metal. But the band that really started that love of this music was Nightwish. I was a teen and a girl in one of my classes at school had told me that I should try listening to Nightwish. That day, I remember either having a burned CD or finding a video on the internet of their song “Nemo.” It was hook, line and sinker from then on for me. Their 2005 album ONCE hadn’t been out very long before I found it and I felt something just click with their music.

I think at least once in your life you will find something that connects with you on a personal level, whether it’s a book, a hobby, a person or something like music. It can be hard to explain but it becomes apart of you and it can even help express some of yourself. That’s what Nightwish and their music have done for me. They helped me write scenes in my books, escape reality for a short amount of time, remind me of the creativity in the world and just feeling connected to music itself. I think there is a negative stereotype to ALL metal music that they all sing only one way and only sing about dark stuff and be scary looking. That’s not entirely true with all bands. Nightwish has created majestic shows with pyrotechnics, clips of the ocean, a pendulum or nature. They have great sets and they’re just normal people who dress up for a show (especially the singer). They are a band that express their feelings, their Muse of creativity and share with the world. They show the world what they are capable of and it shows in every record they do.

But I think one reason that I connect so much with this music is the EPIC sound they produce. I have always loved listening to film scores like Titanic, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and so many others. They sound like an epic film score, bringing pipes, choirs and heavy chords to their songs. They sing about mermaids, anger, nature, past experiences and so many other themes. I swear each record shows another aspect of what we humans think, create and feel. I feel like my creativity just soars when I listen to their stuff and I just can’t help but feel connected and rock out, especially when I’ve seen them live.

Also, another reason why I love this band so much is how genuine they are and how talented they are. They’ve been doing this for over 20 years and they just look like they’re having fun with touring, creating and recording. I will completely be honest and say that bands like them are better than the normal and popular artists out there. They arrange their own music, write their own material and collaborate on everything to create a record. Each song feels individual and feels important and authentic to them. The keyboard Tuomas Holopainen is an absolute genius with writing the music and practically all the lyrics for the band. I admire him for his Muse that unleashes such powerful, loud and moving songs. Music is supposed to make you feel things I think; it helps you connect to a part of yourself that music can bring out. Nightwish inspires me, helps me rock out, vent out my own creativity, feel heard and also understood. They enchant me, allure me and make me remember of the power of music.

So to the band, if you ever read this, I can’t thank you enough for your music. I’ve loved this ride with you for 15 years and there’s SO much more to go. Thank you for making such epic music and sharing it with the world. All of you, current and past band members, all are important to this band and still are to me. You have given me such fantastic memories as I’ve grown older with your music and you guys helped me a lot. Keep rocking!

My Essential Nightwish Playlist

Whether you’re new to this band or haven’t listened to them in a long time, this is a playlist that I’ve created for what I think is “essential” Nightwish. There’s 3 singers that have graced the albums and 8 albums since they formed in 1996. Here’s a couple videos here and a full playlist. I hope you’ll consider trying this band and seeing if you like them. You never know 🙂



  1. Nemo
  2. Edema Ruh (reference to the group of people in The Name of the Wind)
  3. The Eyes of Sharbat Gula (Instrumental)
  4. Ghost Love Score (see video)
  5. The Greatest Show on Earth
  6. Meadows of Heaven
  7. Elan (see video)
  8. The Islander (sung by bassist Marco)
  9. While Your Lips Are Still Red (sung by bassist Marco)
  10. Sleeping Sun
  11. Taikatalvi (Finnish) (sung by bassist Marco
  12. The Crow, The Owl and the Dove
  13. Stargazers
  14. Ever Dream
  15. Shudder Before the Beautiful
  16. *Honorable Mention* Last of the Wilds (Instrumental)

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I know it’s not book related, but this band has meant so much to me over the years and I wanted to pour out my nostalgic feelings. If you’re a fan of the band, let me know in the comments!